weekend whatevers

1. My sister, Tamaron, had her first baby! A little boy. Ok, not too little…8.8 lbs! Named Conrad. The 8th grandkid for my parents. He is just too too cute…

35511_10100204533312334_1824257471_nand it kills me that they are in Arizona, so I probably won’t see him until maybe this summer…



2. Lesson learned: Sometimes expensive is often cheaper. AKA: Buy once and buy GOOD!Β Β  …quality that won’t break the pocketbook too much or need to be replaced soon or ever.


3. Other lesson learned: If you give your children everything they want, they will grow up always wanting.


4. My LESS-STRESS thinking lately:

i hate school, but i’ve decided to learn to learn, not to pass a test. it’s helping me enjoy classes more and not worry so much about the perfect A.

let things go. forgive. i know of no one who is perfect, especially myself, so why point fingers or criticize? no matter our age, we are all still making mistakes just like the next. talk about a stress reliever//burden lifter …let your grudges GO!

again…NO ONE is perfect or has it all together. stop comparing. stop judging.

my stress and frustration only mean i need to quit thinking about it. i need a breather from myself! so… think of someone else, do something thoughtful or nice for them. pay a visit. make a phone call. listen. be a friend.

don’t be blind. open my eyes to the world around me. family. friends. other people have feelings and needs too. not just me.

money doesn’t grow on trees, i know…BUT, as one of my “Guatemalteca” mission companions once told me, “if you’re always worried about money, you’ll never have enough!”Β  …think about it.


5. be brave

…and make your dreams happen!



tumblr_mik1ozyBUC1qa9ddao1_500i’m hating utah snow right now. can i please have a mini greenhouse?!


7. i love my husband. everyday i realize just how lucky i am for someone SO patient with me and SO forgiving of my quirks and crankiness and SO affectionate.

tumblr_mhrg50xiHk1rpe0jco1_400tumblr_mdzyfgzU171r096xto1_500…look! …it’s us and kitty. …atop our future house in the country?

love, whit

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