Washington Farms | Strawberry Picking

Even though it never appeared on my “official” bucket list, going to pick our own strawberries is something I had never done and always wanted to do. Every summer I say I want to and it never happens. This year, I made it my birthday request (no need to talk about turning 29 and seeing the end to my twenties). So obviously, it had to happen! And it did. A simple family outing, but the kind that I love.



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Yes, it was sunny and sweaty – but we enjoyed their fresh homemade strawberry ice cream and then came home and now have a freezer full of strawberry jam that I made! And some yummy strawberry syrup. A complete WIN in every way. Especially spending the morning with my two favorite boys. . .

strawberry freezer jam

And that morning before picking we all got to go to my dr appointment and see our little Ruby kicking around at 13 weeks! We are very excited! . . .




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  1. WHITNEY!! I thought you’d never come back and post. Great photos and you’re family are just so gorgeous! Look at your little belly! πŸ˜€ Sooooo cute! So happy for you and J. Hope little J is good too!

    La Love,
    C. x

    1. Hello! I know, I taking a break from social media. I am still around, just not as much! Thank you…we are excited to add a little girl to the family!!! Hope you are doing great! much love xoxo

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