Summers in the Country

The year is just about half over already. I feel the need for a more personal post. I’d like to think that my children or future generations will appreciate my attempts at keeping a personal history. I love that, especially on my mother’s side, we know so much about my ancestors because they kept and left behind excellent journals, stories and histories. I hope to do a better job than I have been at recording my thoughts and feelings on everyday life so that I have something more worthwhile to look back on and remember.



^^LOVE this photo of my grandmother as a young girl^^

I’ve been thinking a lot about past generations because living where we do now reminds me so much of Mexico. I spent a few weeks every summer of my childhood visiting my grandparents and family there. I have fond memories of playing with my cousins, riding four wheelers around town, swimming in the pool, nightly games of hide-and-seek under the stars, trips in the old trucks to get ice cream and other junk food that Grandma would scold us for, the smell of the family cook outs and warm tortillas, winding dirt roads up to the mountains to spend the day where my grandma grew up and my mom spent her summers, riding horses down the orchards, eating my Grandpa’s homemade cheese, helping roast chilies and can peaches, taking trash out back to burn or feeding the corn cobs and other food scraps to the pigs. I think about my Grandma’s vegetable garden and her well-kept flowers. I see my Grandpa lift his old trucker hat to rub his tan bald head with his enormous hard-worked hands while he walks out back to the bodega to work. I’m grateful for my memories, my heritage, and the things I’ve learned and gained from my family and the lives lived before mine. I am blessed now to live somewhere that reminds me more often of such special things and hope to carry on the past into the future. Today I am just so very thankful for family … past and present.

GmaGpa Garden ^^Grandpa & Grandma Bluth outside their home in Mexico^^


Baby Boy Gossling is a very active little guy, which I am grateful for! At 33 weeks now, life is getting more and more difficult. Though when I feel him in there, it helps me forget about the swollen feet, aching body, and extreme exhaustion. Excitement to meet him and know his little face and personality overwhelms me sometimes. Other days I collapse on my heap of pillows and just cry because I’m tired of being tired and moody and frustrated and not able to accomplish much with my days because of my body (emotions included!). I feel like I’ve adapted my gait to a waddle. Climbing up onto the bed or out of the car takes extra prep. All day long I am sweating in this humid summer heat even though I’ll have next to nothing on! Finding a comfortable sitting or sleeping position is next to impossible. I complain when I still have the worst last month to go! Many seasoned mothers have informed me how once my little boy is here, he will be so precious that I will forget how bad it all was and probably do it over again a few times. Regardless, I know it’s all worth it and cannot wait for this next chapter to start.

The recent move has put me in more of a “nesting” mode. It’s probably because there is an official room for the baby. I still don’t have a decor theme or even plan on painting or making it a huge deal. Though I feel urgency to get the house all put together and figure something simple out for the baby room before he comes. Only my plan fires back on me because each day I have less and less energy to get anything done. Who knows how long we will still have un-packed boxes in rooms of this house!

As mentioned, the heat of Georgia Summer 2014 has hit. The sweat comes on just moments after stepping outside. Around our home is so beautiful! I love the open green, blue skies, and peaceful solitude; however, this sun is so strong that it exhausts me more than I already am and so quickly. Growing a baby sure does take it out of you! I feel bad that by the time James gets home from work – I am ready to wind down and fall asleep. I’m not exactly the best company anymore. He’s a trooper for being so patient with me.

With summer here, I’m craving fresh grown produce! It’s a pity that my few tomato and pepper plants are still in pots because I need help preparing a spot and transplanting them into the ground. If my veggies fail, I’m banking on at least being able to buy some juicy summer tomatoes from a little stand I saw down the road. Nothing is better! I’ve been making tomato + avocado + cucumber sandwiches daily lately. With fresh basil. I could live off of those all summer long! And then at night – wash it down with Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Haha! Not bad for pregnancy cravings, right?



^^James with Arabella and Velvet^^

People often ask me how I like living out where we do now. I always loved the city and downtown living. The idea of being able to walk most everywhere – I fell in love with it especially after traveling to Italy. I even liked the area we lived in before because everything we needed was so close. Though now that I live out in “the country” with nothing but pastures and farmland for miles – this is a happy home! I like not having neighbors within any visual distance. The views are amazing! The smells outside often take me back to my summers in Mexico visiting my grandparents. Especially when we’re driving down our dirt road in James’ pickup or the smell outside after it rains. I even kind of love watching the thunder storms roll in often at evening. At night, the stars are perfectly bright up in the sky because there are no city lights to dim them. There may be more (and larger!) bugs and critters here – – And we’ve still yet to capture the mouse I saw inside the house last week, but I’m not losing sleep over it. Life is peaceful and I do not mind having less shopping options or having to drive farther to get to them. James agrees that we choose this lifestyle over any other. We are indeed wonderfully blessed and happy to be where we are.

feeding horses



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  1. Beautiful Share 🙂 I miss my grandparents as well as the farm growing up. Maybe some day I will return to the rural life again with some gardens and various animals. Happy Summer – Try To Stay Cool 🙂

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