Snow In Georgia

That’s right, it snowed in Georgia! We usually average one snow per winter. This year’s came quick and did a lot of damage – as you may have heard in the news. We are lucky enough to live northeast of Atlanta, so when all the schools and businesses starting closing, we did not get stuck in the endless traffic jam on our way home.

So, outside of the city full of miles of abandoned vehicles that ran out of gas and are now stuck in the icy roads – and people stuck sleeping at the closest gas station or Target…. we were here, enjoying the “day-off”…





The kids loved the snow. The boys loved doing donuts on the 4-wheelers. We had to get creative in what was used to go “sledding”. Maybe it was a tad redneck… what would you expect? Though I’d say our snow day was a success. : ) Thank you, Gossling Farms!

love, whit

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