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did i ever show you my shoes? i don’t think i did. and i cannot believe i didn’t. because i am sooooooo in love with them. (i’ve had them a few months now…but still, why not share?!) i designed them myself. and waited impatiently for a month for them to be made and shipped. light and fit and FAB-O-LUS. everyone at the gym covets them.

thankyou, NikeID.

speaking of online purchases…

i just made another today!

online shopping is just so easy…which can be terribly DANGEROUS! but, i feel i have it under control. i mean, i do a lot…and i mean A LOT…of online “window shopping”. haha. great time waster! however, i’m pretty good at pricing around, watching for sales, comparing, and convincing myself i don’t NEED things.

but this…this i feel is an investment. and wise. and will be well used. and after doing my research…i feel it’s the greatest idea ever!!!…

i know what you may be thinking. “Whaaa??!”

when it comes to photography, i’m all about natural light. no modified light or flashes if at all possible…because it destroys so much of the “feel” of the moment. though i understand, sometimes it’s necessary because even with cranking up the ISO (noise, ew!) and adjusting the aperture or shutter speed…light is needed. or maybe you want a dramatic side-lighting for a studio feel?

and then i found this beauty!!!! the MicroPro LED.

why so amazing?

1 – it’s daylight balanced at 5600K! that’s right…daylight. not fluorescent or tungsten or other crazy light side effects that need filters or look unnatural (though with an option to change to tungsten 3200K if desired). that right there had me.

2 – look at that size! 6 inches. fits in a camera bag! i-d-e-a-l!

3 – LED. heat-free. and takes batteries. NO PLUG-IN NEEDED! so accessible. so easy. i’m so in love.

4- it’s dimmable. YES! a little handy-dandy knob on the side will make it as harsh/dim as i’d like. fan-frikkin-TASTIC!

5 – comes with a shoe mount. or mount it on a light stand. and also has gel filters.

oh, and looky! currently $50 off. done AND done. i will not regret this.

i will feel so studio profesh in no time.

thank you, B&H.



i made hashbrown crust quiche this weekend. (with the help of miss ryan who came over mid-quiche-process to update mah hurr do)

i have a new love for quiche. next time…more spinach.

….and Christmas is officially up at home….

and also in the office….

so i feel the spirit of the season…all around me…every day. love. it.

love, whit

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  1. K love the shoes!!!!! Ive been looking for some new gym shoes for a while but i could care less if there good for running, I just wanted them to be CUTE! I finally found some that didnt make my feet look like the monsters they are (size 9.5) I know but im tall right lol.

    Also the quiche looks amazing! I dont know what you were talking about with the photography stuff, Im a complete nube on that stuff haha!

    Sounds like life is settling down compared to the last couple weeks! You were going crazy! thank you again for being so amazing!

    1. thankyou!
      i couldn’t find any shoes i liked either….so i had to result to designing my own. GREATidea! …in my opinion.
      …i do feel a lot less….stress. i’m so glad it shows! i mean, i’m always a little crazy i think…but it seems to be settling.

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