Road Trip pit stops – Colorado

slowly but surely i will catch up

(sigh…who am i kidding? i never even finished posting about all of my italy trip)

though our (mine and jame’s) roadtrip: GA –> UT was just in june, so i’m not too out of date yet.

the best thing about our trip was that we stopped whenever the heck we felt like it. in colorado – we attended church, swung by the LDS temple, took a stroll alongside the Colorado River, and went on the MOST BEAUTIFUL HIKE EVER (hanging lake – click for post)

a few of the pit stop foties:

at the Denver, CO LDS Temple

then later along the CO riv…

…ha… pose.

and of course, our hike later thatΒ  day…

“we was here”



ok, so…

we’re on day numero cuatro of being engaged.

wedding date selected: SEPTEMBER 29th! in atlanta. (there were complications with october – and any later only means colder weather = booooo)

reception will be the night BEFORE – sept 28th. – less stress and we will enjoy it more this way having a party we won’t be counting down the minutes to leave (if you know what i mean)

we’ve been blessed to have ALREADY found an ideal place to live here in provo for fall. two bedrooms/washer and dryer/furnished/covered parking/close to everything. i’ll be living there solo from sept 1st until we be wedded… then i’ll make space for james, i suppose.

i think i may have settled on my “color scheme” and have some wedding dress shopping scheduled with miss chelsea vose in SLC on saturday.

and that’s the news for now.

love, whit

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