Pregnancy + Caprese Salad


This pregnancy has not been a very easy one. I have heard many a mother say that they were much more sick when pregnant with their girls than with their boys. I don’t know if there is actually anything to back that up, but it is holding true for me too. However, come 20 weeks – halfway there! – nausea is basically gone. Thank heavens! I will admit that it was nice to lose weight in the beginning because come the last weeks of pregnancy, I will probably bloat up like last time! haha. It was a miserable few months at the Gossling household though earlier this spring. James can attest. I spent four months in hibernation practically. For you women that just adore pregnancy and want to have baby after baby – props. I hate it. It sucks. I am very grateful to have a healthy little one on the way – do not get me wrong there. Counting my blessings.

BUT, I am to the point of loving food again. Hooray! Ever since I visited Italy with my mother, I have been obsessed with caprese salad. During my pregnancy with Jude, I craved them all the time. Fresh tomatoes! Basil! Balsamic. Mozzarella. Mmmmm. Good thing I keep my pregnancies during the summer. I have mentioned we are out our ears with garden tomatoes – no complaints here – so every day, lunch is amazing. It is a tomato, pesto & cream cheese sandwich…Or caprese salad. . .


Heaven on a plate. Absolutely. And I am not kidding when I say literally every day. While my supply lasts…indulge!

When in Itlay, my mom and I took a cooking class – best day ever (view that blog post here)! They took us through the Florence open market to buy our fresh ingredients and educate us on them. Of course, I bought seasonings and other goodies to bring home and cook with. My favorite was a raspberry balsamic glaze which I have been salvaging and trying to make last as long as possible. I kept telling James that as soon as my bottle was empty, we had to make a trip back to Florence. Ha! Wishful dreaming. I was in denial for a while because my bottle sat, basically empty, in the fridge for weeks before I could throw it away.


But then something marvelous happened. I came upon this fig balsamic glaze at The Fresh Market! Oh, happy day! It does not have quite the sweetness of the raspberry glaze from Florence, but it is delicious. Thrilled about having a comparable replacement, my summer and pregnancy can be complete. Yes, I am a little obsessed. The best part is that I can use it to my heart’s content knowing that I can go buy more when I need it. Divine!


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