photo challenge day 2 & 3

yeah, yeah…i’m behind on my challenge.

so yesterday was my DAY 2 : WHAT YOU WORE TODAY i was very tempted to just take a shot of my clothes waded up on the floor at the end of the day. but, realizing i was behind and not much in a creative mood…this is what you get. oh how i love taking pictures of myself in a mirror. (that was sarcasm – hence the face) :


on to DAY 3 – today. CLOUDS.


hopefully i can stay on the ball with this. i still have a redbox movie i need to return from last thursday. i still haven’t even watched it. hoorah for me! though maybe i’ll watch it. after i go swim laps – the pool is open for swimmers @ 7. then i can return the movie tomorrow. and be disgusted with myself that i paid $7 for it due to my lethargic moods.


here’s a neat photography cheat sheet i found with the basics:


and in seeing this, i just really wanted to be there. sipping a fancy something with a really good friend…maybe a little pita and hummus on the side. do they eat that in france? no matter. make it crepes and fresh fruit. while, of course, people watching and listening to authentic french accents.

oh, to travel.

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  1. i LOVE the color of your room….i feel i havent seen your room in so long…not since your wall was lavender. i NEED a room in my home that color. be happy whit. i love you.

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