one month til i’m wed!

today = August 29th 2012

my wedding date = September 29th 2012

me = !!!!!!!!!!!!


i spent the last week and a half at home in Georgia. basically the only time i had to really get wedding plans coordinated.

(speaking of GA – look how cute! …the things you find on etsy)

i won’t lie…it was more stressful than i had anticipated. though, i don’t believe there has been ANY wedding pulled together where everyone saw eye-to-eye on everything.

though, we are more than blessed with all of the help and support we have in making this happen. i’m trying not to become a “bridezilla” in the process (which i don’t think i have been – i guess you should really ask james or my mother that)…so as to not seem ungrateful or that i’m taking all of the help for granted.

my best friend, London, and her mom threw me a wonderful bridal shower. it was SO nice! the food was delicious and a good crowd showed up. i couldn’t have asked for a better evening catching up with everyone. it made me feel a little uncomfortable being the “center” of the night and receiving all the gifts. but – it is so appreciated! i felt so loved.


my dress is all ready. mom sewed a sash together for it and figured out the bustle. she’s also letting me borrow some of her jewelry and we picked out my earrings together at the mall. all i lack is figuring out a veil of sorts – or what i decide to do with my hair.

catering has been selected! – both for the mexican and the southern bbq. so very delish!

and we are even more thrilled now that there has been a more recent addition of SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM to the menu! (thank you, michael / DMOPC!)

the reception location is BEAUTIFUL! so much space it almost overwhelmed me. though it is absolutely perfect. not to mention james and i had fun four-wheeling around it for a bit : )

we also finally had our DJ booked. i’m pulling together a playlist now…requests?!?!



School started this week.


i forgot how much i detest BYU campus during fall and winter. people. e v e r y w h e r e.

i got spoiled over spring and summer, and NOW. yikes. it took me almost 25 minutes to find a parking spot after having dropped james off for his 9:30am class yesterday. Then, we waited a good 30 minutes in line just to get lunch on campus. at taco bell. it’s ridiculous. luckily we both only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. …and I’m definitely packing lunches for tomorrow.

i’ve decided to switch my major YET AGAIN!

..i know, i know. but, Spanish Education just isn’t for me anymore. ha! tomorrow i have orientation and will officially be part of the School of Family Life – emphasis on Human Development. I like it much better…already. Keeping a minor in Spanish though, of course. I’d like credit for that.

poor james is taking a semester-load of classes that make me cringe. though he’s much better at handling it than me. between my being on birth control now and his possible upcoming school stress – we might just become the crankiest newly-weds yet!

speaking of birth control…i’m no fan. it hasn’t quite been a week yet and i’ve already been overly emotional. …every. day. i don’t need my tears to come this easy 24/7. ew ew ew! i know james is not a fan either. i’m kind of a mess.

(again… photo cred to Lora Grady)


OK, so..

one month to go, and i still need to finish getting invites out. goodness.

and i’m currently living out of a suitcase at Elissa’s place in Cottonwood. she’s the best for housing me so much.

so sick of the suitcase though.

but come Saturday, I’ll get to move into our new apartment in Provo. finally!

we’ll see how i handle living by myself for a month until James gets to move in after the wedding. i think i’ll handle it fine. so fine that he might mess up my feng shui when he does move in! haha. jokes.

(a bedroom like this would really do great things for my chi…)

…wishful dreaming. (restoration hardware)

“setting up house” gets me excited though : ) i’m such a girl.

but now…time for homework…blechk!


love, whit

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  1. I just love your writing! And so excited for your marriage! I just read James comment and giggled. Can’t wait to double date you guys! And I almost thought Jacob was gonna unengage me when I started birth control! Luckily my emotionalness only lasted 1.5 weeks and then things went back to normal! Hang in there! <3

  2. Awww you two are so cute! And your wedding plans sound awesome — esp the soft serve ice-cream! YUM! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see pics of your wedding day — you will post, ya?

  3. What a great major to pick! I did that and loved every class! And I totally know what you mean about the birth control….crying like every other day. Totally sucks. Good luck with the rest of the wedding plans! I know you will be beautiful.
    -Katie Rindlfeisch

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