OH em GEE – 17 days til the wedding!!!!!

…not that i’m counting or anything.

: )

but, with only 17 days left… it’s kind of “crunch time”

we are SOOO blessed by all the help we’ve been getting. i know back in Georgia, Lana is going above and beyond making sure the reception will be beautiful and everything we envisioned. Mom tells me how beautiful it’s going to be from what she’s seen so far and that Lana has figured out how to incorporate all of my ideas. Lana is the best!

Mom’s been busy making sure the food/catering is taken care of…doing shopping trips with Lana for decor…and getting everything for the pinatas in order. And i’m sure stressing plenty about the herd of people coming in town in just a couple weeks.

We really are getting immense amounts of help! My sister, Dacy, is going to make a fabulous wedding cake. James’ sister, Carrie, is going to make a GREAT groom’s cake (which i can’t wait to see!). Future mommy-in-law, Sheree, is pulling together a wonderful post-wedding luncheon. I’ve asked favors of my other sisters. And who knows how many people Michael has helping get the property prepped for the reception. Just the fact that we’re having it at SUCH a beautiful place makes us grateful enough. I know the Gossling men will figure out the parking, which is appreciated! We even have my future Aunt Lisa who is talented in flower arranging and will be making my bouquets and boutonnieres. Family is such a beautiful thing!

Let’s not forget DAVE and how awesome he is to take charge of our “out of town guest entertainment and lodging”…haha! He’s been great to make sure we all have a fun night in downtown Atlanta before the big event!

It amazes me how willing everyone is to offer a hand when needed. Not with just the “wedding”, but with our becoming a newly-wed couple soon…there are just a lot of things to deal with…and we have amazing friends and family on our side supporting.


i have few close girlfriends out here in Utah, so i said that no “party” or anything would be necessary.

but look what “the new mrs. chelsea hoer” and elissa have done…

…they make me feel special! (ps – need invites designed? go to chelsea)


i have also come to LOVE Lora Grady… my favorite photographer/new-found friend! She will be shooting us this weekend again for our Bridals! We cannot thank her enough!!!


which means i need to get my veil made STAT!

…it’s just these little things that stress me out. especially the budgeting. ayayay! OH, and did i mention how all of the invites we sent came back to us??!?! UGH! i’m pretty sure that is what gave me a cold right now. (my current biology professor pointed out that high stress makes one susceptible to getting sick…explains my current congestion and cough)

we left getting James’ suit tailored to the last minute. though last night we met a funny tailor named Cookie who offered many fashion opinions and was kind enough to waive the “rush” fee as our wedding gift : )  oh, the little things!

i stopped by the Utah Valley Bridal Fair last weekend and ended up meeting the coolest couple/videographers…who, yes, are now going to be a part of our big event! here’s to bethany and matt and BC Film !

we have our Bishop Interviews tonight. the last of the ties in the mail. our wedding “music playlist” to be settled on to give the DJ (one of the few things james and i don’t ENTIRELY agree on..haha)…. and i’m sure there are other things…

between the wedding plans, school, finances, and moving in/trying to make this new apartment “home”….i’m just super ready for the end of this month to roll around!


speaking of the new apartment… here’s a tour…provo living at it’s finest..hahahha!..

(side note – please overlook the random hodge podge of furniture the place came with – nothing really goes together and i see no point in fully figuring it out until james moves in…)

we’ll start with the kitchen (front door seen on the left…and washer/dryer hidden in closet on the right)

…looking from the kitchen. don’t you love our fine kitchen table and matching chairs??

and the living room…

… (my poor lonely basil plant in the window trying to get sun. he needs a bigger pot)

and the two bedrooms… one is like “james’ office space” of sorts for now…

and the other is the actual bedroom (a complete mess right now because i see no need to organize too much when it will all be switched as soon as james is here in a couple weeks, and i’m still not entirely unpacked yet)…

let’s hope a larger bed will be in the budget soon!

and each room has a bathroom like this…

so that’s it!…my/our home sweet home for at least the next year. let’s hope that it can be made cute soon enough. james has no doubts that i will be busy “nesting” for a while.


that’s the shmupdate for now…

love, whit

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  1. Stop. It. That is way too nice and cute for a first married apartment! The thought of our first diggs still makes me shudder… nasty basement apartment from the 70’s… ugh! There were literally multiple species of creeping things living in our shag carpet… but I digress… that looks like a great little space! And also… you own a love sac?!?! Jealous!!

  2. YES!! I love love love love this!! I’m so happy so many people are helping out. Weddings are so stressful. I cannot believe your invited were sent back to you! So frustrating!! I’m excited to party with you on Saturday!! k, love you.

  3. AW! Whit you have theeeeee cutest apartment. I’m kind of a dork– I didn’t even realize that James would be moving in there with you! (Remember when I was like, so, uh do you have roommates?? hahaha) So we will be neighbors for a while at least! That is such good news!!!! xoxo

    1. you’re too sweet, lora! I’m sooo glad we’re neighbors though…and in the same ward on some sundays..i think. haha! i can’t think of anyone else i’d rather live a block away : )

  4. Sounds like you are about ready!!! I can’t believe you have a washer and dryer in your apartment! Heaven! Everything will go beautifully!

    1. me either!!! funny actually…our housing is supposedly being switched from single to married….but i’m pretty sure we’re the ONLY married couple that lives here!!! In “The Avenues” right on 850 N. University Ave.

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