Mail in March – i’ll be your penpal

i would venture to guess that most of society today knows the feeling of checking your email to only find lame SPAM. or even logging onto facebook and having no messages or notifications really worth getting excited over. ugh. i hate that too. BUT – you may also know the excitement of finding quality emails from friends or family. maybe even some pictures! or that day you log on to facebook and feel thrilled to see high numbers up in the left corner – the anticipation of clicking to see who wrote on your wall or left you a message. or in the blogging world, finding many comments left from your readers, your friends. let’s face it – people love that!!! we all like feeling loved – to know someone took a few minutes in their day to think of you. actually, in essence, i believe we live for it in a way. human interaction and communication. building and having friendships. relationships.

what am i getting at??!

facebook, blogging, and the internet ASIDE – let’s talk about the hand-written letter. this is something that warms my soul more than any other correspondence (other than face to face). THAT is something that makes my day. tangible, homemade, hand-written, personal – just the concept of the time it takes to send something of that nature – – – it speaks volumes. it is special. and, unfortunately in this day-in-age, it is unique and rare. but it doesn’t have to be! in fact, i wish it wasn’t.

i’ve always loved sending mail. i love crafting together cards, letters, and envelopes. i love preparing packages and send them with anticipation wondering about when it will arrive and if it will bring a smile to the face of the recipient. i enjoy sending because i absolutely LOVE receiving…and wish the world wouldn’t forget the value of such a simple thing.

my fellow blogger, Cassie, at Books and Bowel Movements (love her blog!) has inspired me to take on a challenge: A Month of Letters!

the challenge is to mail 31 letters. they will be hand-written, home-made, personal and all with the “whit touch”. (ohmygoodness who wouldn’t want one of those?!!?) i think it’d be rad if i had 31 different people to write to. old or NEW friends! SO…

here’s my offer, if you’d like to help me in my ambitions, for one of my envelopes or parcels to make it your mailbox, or simply to become my penpal- you can e-mail me your address! i love getting to know people better and forming new friendships…what better way than through mail?! i think it will be a beautiful experience. and very much something to look forward to when walking to the mailbox every day. i’ve been thinking something like this would be a fun idea ever since i saw a fellow blog friend do a Christmas Card swap with her readers (nicole and her precious puggle can be found here)

yes, some of you may be thinking it’s a bit sketchy to give your address away to me (especially if you don’t know me too well). but i assure you, i am no creep. i will not stalk you or sell your information. haha! you must know me somewhat anyhow if you are here perusing my blog. however, it is clearly your decision.

if you’d like to send me your address, do so at my email:    whitney[DOT]tutt[AT]gmail[DOT]com

march is here soon!!!

love, whit


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  1. Hi,

    This is a really cool idea! Yes, I’d love to do that as I’ve been thinking of establishing much better friendship with other bloggers. So I’d be more than happy to receive mails from you. I have no reservation whatsoever in giving away my address. In fact, I’m giving it here: Subhan Zein 8 DeGaris Place Canberra 2614, Australia.. 🙂

    Send me one, and I’ll reply to yours.. Looking forward to it! 🙂

    Warm regards,

    Subhan Zein

  2. Stumbled upon your blog via Celia…very much enjoy your spirit. Last month, The Guardian did a post about this and I so wished to try. Sigh. I’m terrible about the post. You’ve got me thinking, though, April is National Poetry Month, perhaps I could send a poem a day??? Would you write to a new blog follower? I promise to send a poem reply… cheers ~

    1. i noticed that this idea started for the month of february…so i’m a little behind – but no matter, right?
      i’m feeling a little ambitious myself in my “letter a day” goal – i tend to get behind easily in this sort of thing. though your poem a day idea sounds great, seems you have a knack for that! and OF COURSE i would write to you! send me your address! i’m looking forward to the poem!!


  3. Reblogged this on Hummingbird & Heart and commented:
    Check out this neat pen-pal project from a fellow blogger, Whitney.

    I am one of the 31 people she will be writing to over the course of the month. I cannot wait to start working on some homemade cards of my own to send back!

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