July 29, 2014

This may be my last post before our little baby boy is here!

I had my 39 week doctor appointment yesterday. Part of me was really hoping that I’d go in and my water would break during the exam or there would be some advancement where I’d be told that my baby was coming that day. I even had us bring the hospital bags and everything in the car just in case. Ha! Quite the opposite. No signs that the baby had dropped and no signs of my being dilated at all. Which is fine – I know all of that can change very quickly and technically our little guy still has a few days to go. I’m just anxious to meet his little face and for my body to get back to semi-normal.

We discussed with my doctor what our plan is if the 1st rolls around and still no baby. Honestly, James and I would have loved to say, “We’ll see you Β August 2nd then!” – But due to the weekend and my doctor’s schedule, inducing cannot happen until the 6th. Actually, depending on my body – the inducing prep work would happen on the 6th and then we’d have to be at the hospital bright & early on the 7th to start the Pitocin. I was really hoping we could get him here sooner (and avoid the extra intense Pitocin contractions!), so I’m praying for a baby to come before then!

Giving birth does scare me – having never been there, the unknown is what has me a little nervous… But I’m ready! James seems ready too. He is going to be a fabulous father. I’ve always watched him with our nieces and nephews or our friends’ kids and known he will be a great dad. It’s a blessing to know that there will be no shortage of love, affection, or attention coming from him.

Tamaron, my sister, had her second little boy yesterday. Grayson Steele Allen. 8 lbs 3 ozs. Her due date was August 3rd, but she had a scheduled c-section. She seems to be recouping well & better than with her first (also a c-section), which is great! I’m glad the timing worked out so that Mom could be there to help her out in these first couple of days. She’ll be flying here to Georgia on Friday & we’re blessed to have her for an entire month! I know that with Mom around, things get done. She will be a tremendous help.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to get things done around here. James too. There are still unfinished projects and stuff from the move, but it’s getting handled slowly. I’m wrapping up the last of my photo editing for clients. Though sitting sometimes makes my body cramp up and my feet & ankles swell. Trying to keep a clean house is getting exhausting with my body these days, but I’d like to think I’m doing well at keeping things in order. Staying on top of laundry is always a task – I don’t understand how just two of us generate so much dirty laundry SO quickly! I’m noticing how James goes through three outfits a day though – what he wears to work, what he sweats up at the gym, and what he changes into when he gets home…which usually ends up getting sweaty or dirty if he works on any project around the house. And I know our little one will be just like his father – probably dirtying at least 3 outfits a day (just in different ways :). Again, I feel very blessed to have the husband I do. He puts in so many hours for his job & then often comes home to work some more & spends many nights into the wee hours of the morning getting things done around the house. I don’t understand how he functions on such little sleep – I wish my body allowed me to be more helpful. He is a gem.

At the end of the day, as pathetic as it may sound, I’m feeling accomplished if the bed was made, there are no dirty dishes left in the sink, a load of laundry was washed and put away, the floor swept, the plants watered, and some sort of meal was prepared. I feel no guilt taking advantage of sleeping in, naps, or pool floating when needed. I know that those things will not be happening like this again once our baby is here.

The heat this summer has been killer. If the car is in the sun & not the garage for any amount of time – it’s awful! Having a black vehicle does not help either. I’ve been seeing 100 on the thermostat more than I’d like to lately. With this humidity too… yuck. Pregnancy isn’t helping though. I sweat just sitting in our air conditioned house! We used to get spotted rain almost every day that cooled things down a bit. My complaint then was that the weeds & lawn were growing way too fast to stay on top of. Though for the last week, I don’t think we’ve seen a drop of rainfall and it’s been blazing outside. Go figure – It’d be nice to get some rain again.

Hopefully the next time I get around to journaling on here we will have a little babe in the house! And hopefully…that will be before August 7th πŸ™‚ – We already tried eating at Provino’s and ordering the eggplant parmesan. They have this thing where supposedly your baby will come within 2 days after eating it. We went on Saturday night with some friends. Fail. Now I’ll spend my week trying out other ways to speed this baby up!…


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  1. I hope you float in that pool every second you can before the baby!!
    You are accomplishing soooo much before little Gossling comes! yay!!

    you go girl

    1. I have been trying to! Though part of me feels that is too relaxing if I’m trying to get labor going. Hoping this little guy comes SOON! I’d prefer to not induce.

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