Happy Mother’s Day

mother's Day


Today is Mother’s Day and I am feeling especially blessed. I have an amazing mother whom I love dearly. Now that I am older with a family of my own, I see her in myself every day. I hope to become moreΒ of the selfless, God loving, and hardworking woman that she is. I love that her love for God, family, the arts, gardening, and cleaning have been reflected into my life now. Some of those things might seem funny (mainly the cleaning part), but that’s what I think of when my mother comes to mind. And now they have become part of me as well. I thank you, Mom, for teaching me so much through how you choose to live. xoxo!

mother's day

Not only have I been so lucky to find, fall in love with, and marry the most amazing man ever (who compliments me in every way) but now I understand the love and role of being a mother. And I don’t think my life could get any better! Isn’t this what happiness is about anyway? In the words of the apostle, L Tom Perry, from this last April’s General Conference:

“The older I get, the more I realize the family is the center of life. It is the key to eternal happiness.”

So true. So very very true.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you, James. And thank you, little Jude for making my life so wonderful!




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