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James and I scored some tix to the GA game this last Saturday. Thanks to an awesome brother-in-law and UGA game regular.

Funny though…. I, for one, have never been a football fan. In fact, I used to wonder what all the hype was about when it came to UGA and football. Though, here in the south, it’s something I’ve gotten used to. And, having married a UGA football lover – I accepted that this day would soon come.


Since James and I have been married, I have acquired some UGA paraphernalia and items in my wardrobe – so I fit in nicely at the tailgating and with every other fan there. I noticed that literally not a soul showed up to the game in a color other than red and black. I guess as a UGA fan you’re thinking, “DUH”… but I have been to other football games where the spirit was not as thoroughly represented. Football in the south is practically a religion though, and the added passion makes it much better.


I do have to admit though, that driving through Athens and passing every frat house and sorority with a front yard packed with preppy-dressed college students all drunk – solo cup/beer in hand… and the streets crowded with the same… I was reminded that I would not have liked going to school there or even living in Athens.

Anyway… as for the game…


Sanford Stadium is HUGE! The fans are all PUMPED! And a 4:30 kick-off was perfect…. because we were not in the blazing sun : )



It was a close game – which I think made for a better game. James was great at explaining aspects of football to me. Maybe it’s just that I never cared to ask before – assuming that it was all pretty easy to understand – or that I just never cared enough to even pay attention to a game to like it or even know what questions to ask – – – But I understand and follow football much better now! Even liked it! haha… I’m rather proud of myself. James always told me that attending a UGA game is an experience that you can’t help but enjoy and he was right. The spirit is contagious!

24.32013-09-11_000324.8I still love how RED the whole place was!

29.122013-09-11_0004And…. the DAWGS WIN! It was close and exciting! A solid win to set GA little higher in this season’s rankings.

4As for my first REAL Georgia football experience….

Great company. Great fun. Great game!

Go Dawgs!

love, whit


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