mom puts together this Christmas newsletter every year to send out to family and friends. actually…she does it in poem form. rhymes and all. and for quite a while around the house in the month of December, we get to hear about how she needs to get it done and how she needs help in finding a good picture to put with it. generally, no ones pays any mind to it until it becomes overly annoying. ha! so last night…we finally succumbed to getting together and making it happen. this is how enthused we were…

happy holidays. from the Tutt’s! ….ha.


speaking of enthused. today is one of those days…where i ended up having to take a trip to the store during my lunch break to pick up the following…

…all my feel-better comfort food cravings. gushers. flaming hot cheetos. dark chocolate. and odwalla. a sick and unhealthy combo, i know. but the day called for it. so judge me! Odwalla was on SALE though…total perk. i bought three.


found this in my coat pocket today too…

remember enthusiasm. indeed.

love, whit

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  1. oh …. I love the Odwalla – I often get it on days when lunch is at 3 in the afternoon and I am ready to eat the cheetos and herseys that you have pictured! Keeps me going for a while!

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