engagement photos

…just look at the handsome man i’m going to marry!

…and just look at how happy we are!

there are a TON. and i’m kind of obsessed with them.

our photographer, Lora Grady, is phenomenal.

Check out more of us on her blog:

Lora Grady Photography: Whitney and James Engagements

the wedding is inching closer. september is just around the corner.

right now i’m dealing with moving out and packing. finals. and wedding planning shenanigans.

also, helping out and getting ready for Miss Chelsea Vose’s wedding coming up next week.

Then couch hopping for a bit since I will be temporarily homeless.

And finally, flying home to GA for a bit before Fall classes start.

James flew home to GA today. Then he’s headed to Argentina for a little over a week. I miss him already.


loved this!…

“With our human frailties, we can do what we can do. But you will never be disappointed by the Almighty. He will work with you.”

β€”Boyd K. Packer

love, whit

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