Featured in Smitten Magazine | DIY Floral Headpiece

When my dear friend, Lora Grady, flew out to visit me in January of this year, we collaborated with some local southern creatives in a styled photoshoot. We had a blast with Augusta, GA makeup artist, Jen Paulos Lewis of Pastel Makeup and Hair. She perfected even more our two models – Brittany Regan and Elle Danielle. Lora and I got our craft on preparing tulle skirts and floral arrangements. We even found a vintage gown from Little Five Points’ fabulous consignment shop, The Clothing Warehouse.  The Goat Farm in Atlanta proved to be the perfect location for our shoot!

I have been meaning to blog my photos from that session, but pregnancy has my blog as well as many other aspects of life quite behind these days! BUT – the exciting news is that Lora submitted some of her photos and a DIY tutorial I put together to Smitten Magazine. It was featured and published in the Spring Volume that came out in print this last month!


View our feature / my step-by-step DIY floral headpiece tutorial below…



It’s such an honor to have a small part of such a lovely bridal magazine!

Here’s to hoping I can get myself pulled together enough after my little baby comes to work towards more fun features!

Hope everyone is LOVING spring…



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2012 in REVIEW

dear twenty-twelve,

you were good to me.   …let’s see why!

i started the year off in ITALIA with my mom. an unforgettable trip of a lifetime that i wouldn’t want to spend with anyone else.

here she is in Florence:

italy 775

here i am in Rome:

italy 048

We made it to Venice as well:

italy 950

….and Siena and Sorrento. and ate and ate and ate. took a cooking class in Florence. fell in love with the land. and had, case in point, the greatest time! perfect start for 2012 if you ask me!


NEXT…march 2012.    …and i stole the first hug from this certain Gossling boy who came home from his mission in Argentina…


…i went to the beach!…



that Gossling boy and i became pretty close and enjoyed spring together in GA…


i moved to UTAH in April and became roommates with this crazy fun blonde bombshell…


…and reunited with this blonde bombshell….


…i turned 25! and a certain Gossling boy flew out to surprise me!…


…Summer 2012, i flew home to GA and that Gossling boy and i road-tripped back out to UT together…

road trip kansasroad trip fields

…long story short…that Gossling boy proposed,  and we started planning a party…and our forever together…


…the DMOPC family grew…our family at work….


…the big party happened in September…(Elissa turned 26 on our big weekend!)…


sisterstemple girls


…even my Grandparents came from Mexico!…

bluth gpa

…married life began. it treated us right. then the husband and i road tripped to California for Thanksgiving to visit family…


…we had fun on the way home stopping in VEGAS with our friends, Lora & Dan Grady (who made the road trip with us! so fun!)…we pinballed and dinner dated!…


frozen hot chocolate

…2012 brought new friends…we are so blessed to have…

whit lora175964_10151083712607041_231546777_o

…in 2012…Gossling Farms was established (best idea ever, Michael & June!)…which allowed for a kick-A wedding reception and for this to happen….woohoo!…



…December brought family, friends, and fun as well with Christmas and New Year’s in Georgia….but that will get its own separate post. As well as a well-overdue post with more wedding pictures if I ever get around to it. 2013 in preview also to come…

so yes, 2012, you were good to me. thank you!


love, whit

p.s. – as it’s a new year…i decided to align my text to the left for Dave.

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our love story – filmed!

a little over a month ago, james and i were at a bridal fair here in Utah,

and we happened upon the most adorable and talented Bethany Petersen!

….who became our fast friend and made us this great video before our wedding…

…we relived the night James proposed…

and here, our “engagement story”:

Whitney + James Engagement from bc.film on Vimeo.


we can’t wait to see what she puts together from our wedding weekend!

love, whit

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Wedding Week!

 today i’ve been busy packing and making sure nothing is forgotten because TOMORROW morning…

…james and i fly home to georgia for the weddin’!

…and i can hardly wait!

a new chapter is about to begin and i’m very ready for it! james is my best friend and the man of my dreams in every way. i feel like the luckiest girl…

i love love!

so, happy wedding week to US!

love, whit

p.s. – newly wed advice?!? haha

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Emigration Canyon


back when i told “the proposal” story, i was a little bothered by the fact that i hadn’t taken adequate pictures of that night.

he popped the question at the end of the evening at a surprise location in Emigration Canyon by Salt Lake City. it was secluded, the view was gorgeous and i absolutely love it up there!

as mentioned in my last post, we chose that spot to take our Bridals. James and i drove up there the week before to check it out, and i snagged some better shots.

…this is the old rusted gate that James had pulled up to and so smoothly pulled a key out of the box on the left the night he proposed. we then winded farther on a tiny beaten path to our final destination. sadly, that box is now locked along with the fence making it impossible to get the truck up.

…so we footed it…

…(nice pose, eh?)

…this is looking behind me at how far we’d walked.

….so uh, going by foot was getting tiring, and i kind of refused to go ALL the way to the spot he proposed at. though i took a picture of it!

in this picture, follow the path to the hill on the far right. that’s where we had our “magic moment” : ) ….

we definitely will have to go back again and again. it’s too beautiful not to!

enough pictures of that…

a  W E E K  from today!

…and i feel the pressure of it. knowing how many people are involved, how much is being done, and how much stress so many other people are under for MY wedding…it stresses me out to no end. the last couple of days i have been so snappy and allowing more than usual get under my skin. poor james. though i’ve been pretty good to catch myself and apologize right away. but i hate it still.

my head is just constantly running with mental to-do lists making sure i haven’t forgotten anything and that no important factor is left out. i wish i could relax, but my head is already nagging me about all that needs to be done AFTER the wedding too.


well, i’m very excited too. very very!

my mom just informed me last night that my grandparents wanted to come to my wedding and have found a way along with one of my aunts, uncle, cousins and his family! that news made me SO happy! i had been a little a bummed that no extended family would be at my wedding, as there were at each of my sisters’. so this news was just perfect!

and now…

….the clock’s-a-tickin’!…

flight home on wednesday!

love, whit

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TEN DAYS – and a bridals sneak peak!

just ten days to go!

i don’t even know what to say other than i’m READY already!

here’s a little peak into our Bridals Shoot with Lora Grady Photography

….look how handsome he is, all candid in his suit!


i just LOVE the fall look in the last one.

and there’s MORE coming!!

Lora is the greatest!

We drove all the way to Emigration Canyon for this shoot…the very place James popped the question! It seemed fitting.

anyway….this is me…SO EXCITED!!!

love, whit

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OH em GEE – 17 days til the wedding!!!!!

…not that i’m counting or anything.

: )

but, with only 17 days left… it’s kind of “crunch time”

we are SOOO blessed by all the help we’ve been getting. i know back in Georgia, Lana is going above and beyond making sure the reception will be beautiful and everything we envisioned. Mom tells me how beautiful it’s going to be from what she’s seen so far and that Lana has figured out how to incorporate all of my ideas. Lana is the best!

Mom’s been busy making sure the food/catering is taken care of…doing shopping trips with Lana for decor…and getting everything for the pinatas in order. And i’m sure stressing plenty about the herd of people coming in town in just a couple weeks.

We really are getting immense amounts of help! My sister, Dacy, is going to make a fabulous wedding cake. James’ sister, Carrie, is going to make a GREAT groom’s cake (which i can’t wait to see!). Future mommy-in-law, Sheree, is pulling together a wonderful post-wedding luncheon. I’ve asked favors of my other sisters. And who knows how many people Michael has helping get the property prepped for the reception. Just the fact that we’re having it at SUCH a beautiful place makes us grateful enough. I know the Gossling men will figure out the parking, which is appreciated! We even have my future Aunt Lisa who is talented in flower arranging and will be making my bouquets and boutonnieres. Family is such a beautiful thing!

Let’s not forget DAVE and how awesome he is to take charge of our “out of town guest entertainment and lodging”…haha! He’s been great to make sure we all have a fun night in downtown Atlanta before the big event!

It amazes me how willing everyone is to offer a hand when needed. Not with just the “wedding”, but with our becoming a newly-wed couple soon…there are just a lot of things to deal with…and we have amazing friends and family on our side supporting.


i have few close girlfriends out here in Utah, so i said that no “party” or anything would be necessary.

but look what “the new mrs. chelsea hoer” and elissa have done…

…they make me feel special! (ps – need invites designed? go to chelsea)


i have also come to LOVE Lora Grady… my favorite photographer/new-found friend! She will be shooting us this weekend again for our Bridals! We cannot thank her enough!!!


which means i need to get my veil made STAT!

…it’s just these little things that stress me out. especially the budgeting. ayayay! OH, and did i mention how all of the invites we sent came back to us??!?! UGH! i’m pretty sure that is what gave me a cold right now. (my current biology professor pointed out that high stress makes one susceptible to getting sick…explains my current congestion and cough)

we left getting James’ suit tailored to the last minute. though last night we met a funny tailor named Cookie who offered many fashion opinions and was kind enough to waive the “rush” fee as our wedding gift : )  oh, the little things!

i stopped by the Utah Valley Bridal Fair last weekend and ended up meeting the coolest couple/videographers…who, yes, are now going to be a part of our big event! here’s to bethany and matt and BC Film !

we have our Bishop Interviews tonight. the last of the ties in the mail. our wedding “music playlist” to be settled on to give the DJ (one of the few things james and i don’t ENTIRELY agree on..haha)…. and i’m sure there are other things…

between the wedding plans, school, finances, and moving in/trying to make this new apartment “home”….i’m just super ready for the end of this month to roll around!


speaking of the new apartment… here’s a tour…provo living at it’s finest..hahahha!..

(side note – please overlook the random hodge podge of furniture the place came with – nothing really goes together and i see no point in fully figuring it out until james moves in…)

we’ll start with the kitchen (front door seen on the left…and washer/dryer hidden in closet on the right)

…looking from the kitchen. don’t you love our fine kitchen table and matching chairs??

and the living room…

… (my poor lonely basil plant in the window trying to get sun. he needs a bigger pot)

and the two bedrooms… one is like “james’ office space” of sorts for now…

and the other is the actual bedroom (a complete mess right now because i see no need to organize too much when it will all be switched as soon as james is here in a couple weeks, and i’m still not entirely unpacked yet)…

let’s hope a larger bed will be in the budget soon!

and each room has a bathroom like this…

so that’s it!…my/our home sweet home for at least the next year. let’s hope that it can be made cute soon enough. james has no doubts that i will be busy “nesting” for a while.


that’s the shmupdate for now…

love, whit

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one month til i’m wed!

today = August 29th 2012

my wedding date = September 29th 2012

me = !!!!!!!!!!!!


i spent the last week and a half at home in Georgia. basically the only time i had to really get wedding plans coordinated.

(speaking of GA – look how cute! …the things you find on etsy)

i won’t lie…it was more stressful than i had anticipated. though, i don’t believe there has been ANY wedding pulled together where everyone saw eye-to-eye on everything.

though, we are more than blessed with all of the help and support we have in making this happen. i’m trying not to become a “bridezilla” in the process (which i don’t think i have been – i guess you should really ask james or my mother that)…so as to not seem ungrateful or that i’m taking all of the help for granted.

my best friend, London, and her mom threw me a wonderful bridal shower. it was SO nice! the food was delicious and a good crowd showed up. i couldn’t have asked for a better evening catching up with everyone. it made me feel a little uncomfortable being the “center” of the night and receiving all the gifts. but – it is so appreciated! i felt so loved.


my dress is all ready. mom sewed a sash together for it and figured out the bustle. she’s also letting me borrow some of her jewelry and we picked out my earrings together at the mall. all i lack is figuring out a veil of sorts – or what i decide to do with my hair.

catering has been selected! – both for the mexican and the southern bbq. so very delish!

and we are even more thrilled now that there has been a more recent addition of SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM to the menu! (thank you, michael / DMOPC!)

the reception location is BEAUTIFUL! so much space it almost overwhelmed me. though it is absolutely perfect. not to mention james and i had fun four-wheeling around it for a bit : )

we also finally had our DJ booked. i’m pulling together a playlist now…requests?!?!



School started this week.


i forgot how much i detest BYU campus during fall and winter. people. e v e r y w h e r e.

i got spoiled over spring and summer, and NOW. yikes. it took me almost 25 minutes to find a parking spot after having dropped james off for his 9:30am class yesterday. Then, we waited a good 30 minutes in line just to get lunch on campus. at taco bell. it’s ridiculous. luckily we both only have classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. …and I’m definitely packing lunches for tomorrow.

i’ve decided to switch my major YET AGAIN!

..i know, i know. but, Spanish Education just isn’t for me anymore. ha! tomorrow i have orientation and will officially be part of the School of Family Life – emphasis on Human Development. I like it much better…already. Keeping a minor in Spanish though, of course. I’d like credit for that.

poor james is taking a semester-load of classes that make me cringe. though he’s much better at handling it than me. between my being on birth control now and his possible upcoming school stress – we might just become the crankiest newly-weds yet!

speaking of birth control…i’m no fan. it hasn’t quite been a week yet and i’ve already been overly emotional. …every. day. i don’t need my tears to come this easy 24/7. ew ew ew! i know james is not a fan either. i’m kind of a mess.

(again… photo cred to Lora Grady)


OK, so..

one month to go, and i still need to finish getting invites out. goodness.

and i’m currently living out of a suitcase at Elissa’s place in Cottonwood. she’s the best for housing me so much.

so sick of the suitcase though.

but come Saturday, I’ll get to move into our new apartment in Provo. finally!

we’ll see how i handle living by myself for a month until James gets to move in after the wedding. i think i’ll handle it fine. so fine that he might mess up my feng shui when he does move in! haha. jokes.

(a bedroom like this would really do great things for my chi…)

…wishful dreaming. (restoration hardware)

“setting up house” gets me excited though : ) i’m such a girl.

but now…time for homework…blechk!


love, whit

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wedding planning

6 weeks to go until the big day.

summer classes ended. finals over and done with. i’m all moved out. and i was on a flight home to GA yesterday.

i have about 10 days in town to figure this wedding stuff out before i’m back in UTAH for fall classes to start. james is busy being a world traveler right now in Argentina – visiting friends from his mission. i wish i could have gone with him, but the budget wouldn’t permit it.

budgets. booooo!

anyway… my first night/day home has been successful. Mom and I did some thrifting and found a few “gems” to use at the reception. then we ate ourselves sick of tacos from a couple places. though taste testing to find the best carne asada is rather fun! salsas and dips and chips…my tummy is happy/full. also, i’m pretty sure we found our winner.

seeing as we want to have more of a “wedding party”…

this little guy that we found at Mercado Jalisco will be joining us:

…yup, that’s a pinata!

i thought he was cute. a green bull!
he’ll really bring the FIESTA into it.

things are coming along nicely. i promise it’s all going to come together very well! – our country rustic bbq/mexican theme. Ha! odd? nah… we’re incorporating james and me very well into this. it’ll be a blast!

dress & shoes = puchased and perfectly fitted

suit & shoes = purchased (such a steal too!)

invites = printed… and now the fun fun addressing and stuffing needs to happen

menu = coming along nicely but needs some work still

cakes = it’s great having talented sisters and now sister-in-law!

decor = needs to be finalized with Lana

lots of little details to work out still…but i feel things are pretty under control and in good timing.

i’m excited for james to get home. and to go out and see Michael and June’s property (James’ brother+wife) where the reception will be held. i’ve seen pictures and have heard how ideal it is — finally i’m in town to see it!


bridal shower tonight!

i’m so blessed to have such great friends. My bestie, London, and her mom are throwing this for me. i feel very loved and grateful. can’t wait to see so many faces i’ve missed so much!


james needs to make it home from Argy not shot or robbed, plzkthanx…i miss him…

love, whit

p.s. – remind me later to tell you all about how i’ve decided to cut out all processed foods from my diet. hahaha…

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