July 29, 2014

This may be my last post before our little baby boy is here!

I had my 39 week doctor appointment yesterday. Part of me was really hoping that I’d go in and my water would break during the exam or there would be some advancement where I’d be told that my baby was coming that day. I even had us bring the hospital bags and everything in the car just in case. Ha! Quite the opposite. No signs that the baby had dropped and no signs of my being dilated at all. Which is fine – I know all of that can change very quickly and technically our little guy still has a few days to go. I’m just anxious to meet his little face and for my body to get back to semi-normal.

We discussed with my doctor what our plan is if the 1st rolls around and still no baby. Honestly, James and I would have loved to say, “We’ll see you ย August 2nd then!” – But due to the weekend and my doctor’s schedule, inducing cannot happen until the 6th. Actually, depending on my body – the inducing prep work would happen on the 6th and then we’d have to be at the hospital bright & early on the 7th to start the Pitocin. I was really hoping we could get him here sooner (and avoid the extra intense Pitocin contractions!), so I’m praying for a baby to come before then!

Giving birth does scare me – having never been there, the unknown is what has me a little nervous… But I’m ready! James seems ready too. He is going to be a fabulous father. I’ve always watched him with our nieces and nephews or our friends’ kids and known he will be a great dad. It’s a blessing to know that there will be no shortage of love, affection, or attention coming from him.

Tamaron, my sister, had her second little boy yesterday. Grayson Steele Allen. 8 lbs 3 ozs. Her due date was August 3rd, but she had a scheduled c-section. She seems to be recouping well & better than with her first (also a c-section), which is great! I’m glad the timing worked out so that Mom could be there to help her out in these first couple of days. She’ll be flying here to Georgia on Friday & we’re blessed to have her for an entire month! I know that with Mom around, things get done. She will be a tremendous help.

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to get things done around here. James too. There are still unfinished projects and stuff from the move, but it’s getting handled slowly. I’m wrapping up the last of my photo editing for clients. Though sitting sometimes makes my body cramp up and my feet & ankles swell. Trying to keep a clean house is getting exhausting with my body these days, but I’d like to think I’m doing well at keeping things in order. Staying on top of laundry is always a task – I don’t understand how just two of us generate so much dirty laundry SO quickly! I’m noticing how James goes through three outfits a day though – what he wears to work, what he sweats up at the gym, and what he changes into when he gets home…which usually ends up getting sweaty or dirty if he works on any project around the house. And I know our little one will be just like his father – probably dirtying at least 3 outfits a day (just in different ways :). Again, I feel very blessed to have the husband I do. He puts in so many hours for his job & then often comes home to work some more & spends many nights into the wee hours of the morning getting things done around the house. I don’t understand how he functions on such little sleep – I wish my body allowed me to be more helpful. He is a gem.

At the end of the day, as pathetic as it may sound, I’m feeling accomplished if the bed was made, there are no dirty dishes left in the sink, a load of laundry was washed and put away, the floor swept, the plants watered, and some sort of meal was prepared. I feel no guilt taking advantage of sleeping in, naps, or pool floating when needed. I know that those things will not be happening like this again once our baby is here.

The heat this summer has been killer. If the car is in the sun & not the garage for any amount of time – it’s awful! Having a black vehicle does not help either. I’ve been seeing 100 on the thermostat more than I’d like to lately. With this humidity too… yuck. Pregnancy isn’t helping though. I sweat just sitting in our air conditioned house! We used to get spotted rain almost every day that cooled things down a bit. My complaint then was that the weeds & lawn were growing way too fast to stay on top of. Though for the last week, I don’t think we’ve seen a drop of rainfall and it’s been blazing outside. Go figure – It’d be nice to get some rain again.

Hopefully the next time I get around to journaling on here we will have a little babe in the house! And hopefully…that will be before August 7th ๐Ÿ™‚ – We already tried eating at Provino’s and ordering the eggplant parmesan. They have this thing where supposedly your baby will come within 2 days after eating it. We went on Saturday night with some friends. Fail. Now I’ll spend my week trying out other ways to speed this baby up!…


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It’s good to take some personal time

Today is one of those days where I need to take a time-out. I’m glad it’s a Friday. I need this weekend.

Why? It’s not like my life is horrible. But sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed by the thoughts in my head. I get overwhelmed by the comments and suggestions I get from those around me. I get overwhelmed by my surroundings, by people, and even my own emotions and ambitions. It all piles up to where I feel like I’m screaming inside my head and I just want space.

In my ideal world, I’d say it’s time for a vacation. But going on a vacation as often as I feel like I need one (Especially since I’m a little addicted to change- Without it, I get antsy) is not exactly realistic or even possible. So, instead I’ll probably choose to ignore my phone, soak in a hot bath, spend some time outside (SO happy for this sunshine and warmer temps lately), and take a time-out by doing something to rejuvenate myself & recharge. I’m thinking painting or gardening. Or a little of both.



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14 Weeks Preggers

I assume it’s time I should update how things are going for my “personal files”

I’m a day away from 14 weeks. The nausea or claimed “morning sickness” has subsided for good – so it seems. I’m feeling much better, but still get super tired more than usual. I feel like dropping dead about 3pm every day and come 8pm I’m already prepping for bedtime.

In the last couple of days, I feel like suddenly I’m very aware of my stomach. Especially at night, it’s getting difficult to get comfortable. I’m not used to tossing and turning and having to pee so frequently. I’m sure that will only get worse :). And bending over or sitting feels like I have a softball wedged inside of me making those things more uncomfortable. Not that I’m complaining – – this is all just very new to my body! Obviously.

My appetite has definitely come back. Before, it was hard to find something that I actually wanted to eat. I noticed the foods I craved the most & ate all the time were caprese salads, poached eggs with toast, and pita bread + classic hummus. Bananas or apples with colby jack cheese have also been frequently consumed. Basic pastas are also always a safe food. Meat and super seasoned stuff was the last thing I ever wanted. In the last week I find myself actually getting hungry…which is great! I’ve not been used to not being so fond of food. I’m still pickier than usual, but at least eating isn’t a chore anymore.

According to “baby center”, our little nugget is currently 3.5 inches long – about the size of a lemon! I have my second dr’s appt this week and we’ll find out the gender near the end of March. We opted out of the pre-screenings for down syndrome & such. James and I really don’t feel that needing to know that now matters. It won’t change anything and honestly it wouldn’t cause me to “prep” in advance. If it were the case, it’d probably just stress me out hearing what everyone else had to say about it. So, we choose to cross that bridge when it comes.


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Being Pregnant

This is more of a journal post for myself. I used to blog more & it is really all I have to look back and remember my thoughts and feelings at various times of my life. Now, being pregnant, I feel less like doing anything at all – blogging included – but I also feel like I need to make note of certain things before it all fades into a faint memory.

Before I was ever married, I always told myself I wanted to be married at least a year before getting pregnant. I wanted to enjoy some time with just my husband before our lives would change forever. Marriage came for me at age 25. By that point, most of my best friends had already been married a few years and had their first child and working on the second. It was easy for me to feel like I was way behind and getting old fast. I remember being torn in my head with my religious beliefs that we shouldn’t prevent having children for selfish reasons or until “we could afford it”… but also that I wanted to have time to enjoy marriage with just my husband for a while… and then feeling like if we put off trying to have kids, what happens if once we do start trying, it takes us a few years? I didn’t want to be 30 and still without children.

Regardless… they were all crazy thoughts. I know how sensitive the issue of getting pregnant can be. I know it’s different for everyone. Some women wait years, some get pregnant when they don’t want to be, some never get the opportunity, and others have the ease of making it happen exactly when they want it to. I’ve decided, as I have with other aspects of life, to accept and respect God’s timing and plan for each of us – – mainly for myself and my family. Life and timing is different for each of us. I won’t lie, there was a time earlier in our marriage that James was ready to have kids and the sudden thought and reality of it scared me. I didn’t feel ready. Once we did decide to start trying – – it took 8 months. I may have been frustrated, stressed, and upset each month that it didn’t happen as soon as I thought it would. But, looking back, it’s okay. Now is our time and then wasn’t. James and I are just so grateful to know that we “work”. Early on in our dating, I remember James expressing to me that one of his biggest fears is not being able to have children. I’m glad we can calm that fear…. and that I have a husband that loves babies and is a total family man.

For my records – I found out around Thanksgiving. My sister and her family had just left from visiting us. The busyness of the holiday was over and made me realize the date and how exhausted I was. Even though I had prepped myself at this point to not get my hopes up, I felt I had to get a pregnancy test – Though going to the store was the last thing I wanted to do. I dreaded peeing on those little sticks because in the past it always lead to disappointment. The boxes say “results in 3 minutes!” – and I would be the fool that would stare at it for three minutes thinking a plus sign would appear right at the end….I’m sure I’m not the only woman to know the feeling. What a pleasant surprise when, this time, there was a bold blue plus blessing my eyes within one second! Maybe it’s because I was so tired, but I hardly felt any emotion. I was excited – but so tired. I was grateful – but so tired. I just crawled straight into bed because it did not feel real.

I opted to wait until James’ birthday- DECEMBER 5TH – to give him the news. We were in Arizona visiting my family that week. I was too tired to come up with anything creative, so the morning of his birthday as we lay in bed awake – James is thumbing through birthday texts and messages on his phone, so I decided to him text him a picture of the big fat blue plus sign. He looked at it for a moment quiet – then I got a, “Is this real?!” He was searching the photo for signs that it was actually taken in our bathroom and wasn’t a joke… it was a moment of happy tears and hugs and kisses. I spent the rest of the trip extremely pooped and falling asleep early each night.

After our trip, we spilled the beans to our sister-in-law, June, andย  her husband – James’ oldest brother, Michael. We needed someone to ask questions… given that we didn’t really know “how to be pregnant” or what to do right away/what doctors to consider. The rest of our immediate family found out on Christmas. Everyone is thrilled & mostly hoping for a little girl – – – because there has been a boy streak in the grandchildren lately. Being a girl – of course I’d love a girl, but we would be happy with either. I’ve actually had a dream (I have the most bizarre dreams now) that we had a boy and everybody was super disappointed. Sad! We also named him Jacob Isaac. ?? … wherever that came from, I do not know. We would never name our child that.

Since the beginning, the only things changing are my moods and diet. I thought that I’d be eating more as a pregnant lady, but so far – I eat less. Due to constant nausea, nothing ever sounds good to eat. Nothing EVER smells good. And after a few bites, I’m done. Saltines, toast, and goldfish are my best friends right now. For a while, it was mac n cheese that I liked. Now, it changes every day. Luckily, I do not throw up… but I often wish I would just to relieve the feeling. I sleep SO much and yet all day I still feel like I’m going to drop dead because I need a nap. It’s ridiculous.

I have successfully mastered rolling out of bed 15 minutes before we have to leave everyday because sleep matters more than anything.

Fixing my hair is the last thing I ever want to do anymore.

I’ve probably worn the same 3 sweaters every day for the last two weeks.

I also have only had the urge to clean the house once in like a month – which is odd for me.

Thankfully, James has been fairly understanding. I say fairly because I know it’s hard for him to grasp that someone can actually be this tired or cranky or emotional as much as I am – as often as I am. He’s a busy man and still finds time to do dishes, help clean up, or do a load of laundry since I am slacking in those areas. Any help has not gone overlooked. Even pit stops to the store for one or two items – he is always quick and willing. Life has definitely changed for us and James has a lot on his plate these days with a baby to plan for as he’s starting school back up next week and still putting as many hours as he can in at work.

…Here’s to life starting to get even more real…



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A New Year for New Things

The holidays have come and gone and now it’sย  2 0 1 4ย  !!!

A quick review of yearly highlights and holiday fun….

January 2013:

My grandpa passed away & James and I were able to go to both funerals in Arizona and Mexico. It was a fun road trip and James’ first time to Mexico and meeting most of my Mom’s side of the family.

February 2013:

I gave snowboarding the old college try & busted my tailbone. James gifted me my own new snowboard for Valentine’s Day because we were heading on a trip up to Targhee with his brother’s family…. but I opted to take a ski class instead. Turns out snow sports at high speeds are not my thing!

March 2013:

I officially made my photography business official!

We saw Imagine Dragons in concert in SLC

April 2013:

Easter weekend roadtrip up to Seattle and Portland! LovedLOVED l o v e d!

May 2013:

James and I made the long haul and moved back home to GEORGIA from UTAH… for good.

We went to Charleston, SC for my birthday weekend and fell in love with the perfectly southern ocean-side town.

I turned 26.

Memorial Day trip to Hilton Head Island with James’ oldest brother’s family

June 2013:

Drove with my parents to AZ to help them with the move. Met my newest nephew, Conrad!… or was this May? I don’t even remember now. So much moving!

July 2013:

James and I closed on our house! Our FIRST HOME!

August 2013:

Busy with un-packing, work, and a trip back to UT for a friend’s wedding. Congrats Andres & Karissa!

September 2013:

HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY! James and I celebrated in Nashville – – touring the city in an antique Bentley, dining fancy, and seeing Taylor Swift live!

I attended my first UGA football game

October 2013:

Um… we kind of crashed and took a break from household projects and repairs.

I won first place at the ward Halloween chili cook-off? haha… great accomplishment for the first pot of chili I’d ever made in my life!

November 2013:

Thanksgiving! My sister, Dacy, and her family came and stayed with us from Virginia. We hosted Thanksgiving at our home … only we dined on a 24 lb ham instead of turkey.. James’ request. I never want to eat ham again.

A few pictures of our day at Gossling Farms… shootingย  skeet, blowing up pumpkins, and riding 4 wheelers… it was a first for some!

tday tday2 tday3 tday5 tday6 tday7

James’ grandmother, Ruth, also passed away right after Thanksgiving – so aunts, uncles, and some cousins flew in and it was great seeing so much family – sharing laughs and memories. The memorial was in Portland in December.

December 2013:

We made a trip to Arizona to see my parents and sister’s family…

AZgirls jc jcp

…James REALLY loves the desert.

We celebrated James’ 23rd birthday in AZ – Went out for BBQ, gelato, and had his chocolate pudding pie.

Christmas was spent in GA. We enjoyed the Gossling Family party and a nice New Year’s Eve family breakfast. Christmas day was very relaxed & spent to ourselves.

New Year’s was almost as eventful…. we rented two movies, made dinner, and I fell asleep before midnight hit! Happy 2014 to us!

Though we really are excited for this new year because it is a new chapter for us both… and today, January 2nd, solidified and confirmed the start of our new chapter….ย  meet our little teddy graham baby (head on left, body on right). We saw his (or her?) heart go pitter patter and we are head over heels in love…


So yes… it’s real! I may be sleeping 15+ hours a day, still exhausted, and constantly nauseated or cranky…. and not much gets done on my part & i’m partly losing my mind… but I’d say it’s worth it.

9 weeks, 4 days today… due date of August 1st (my sister’s birthday!)

and more updates to come : )


love, whit

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Home Sweet Home

These photos have been a long time coming. James & I bought our very first house a couple months ago! Hooray Hooray! Though it has been a LOT of work – given that it has been a rental home for the last 10+ years. We’ve put a lot of time into it…and still need to put more, but here is what she looks like on the outside…



It has taken a while to get things planted and growing – mainly because the ground is solid red Georgia clay with hunks of cement in it (thanks to having a new porch and sidewalk poured-in) so I don’t get too much time to really attack it. And when I do, it is back breaking work! Though I am happy to finally have some color and green sprouting along the way.2013-10-28_0008100213_5410Anytime we open the front door, Kitty is there. She does not go farther than the front porch, but most often just stays by the door – sniffing the unknown outdoors air. (she is strictly an indoor kitty to help James’ allergies)

I inherited lots of pots from my mother – and a portion of her green thumb, so it’s been fun learning and experimenting with what to put in them. I kind of really love succulents and ornamental kale lately & have had pretty good luck with them these last couple of months.

I also really love my vintage wooden chair! I was browsing a local antique shop & thought it was the neatest thing – solid wood with an old rusty swivel. To me, it was perfect for our porch. …complete with some “fall/halloween decor”…2013-10-28_0011100213_5402100213_5416.

Our backyard is 20 projects in one … all on the “To-Do” list. It’s basically an overrun forest – full of vines and thorns that have grown over piles of rubbish and trash that former residents tossed back there.

Right now, it’s full of dead trees that we have cut down to get more light in the back. We spent PLENTY of weekend time burning the trees (no pictures of that) – along with others that we cut down and trimmed – and along with some other piles of crap we found in the back too.

Here is a look of it before the burning… and hopefully once things get cleaned up more we can really appreciate our “before and after” footage….



…Oh, boy! Even though there is still a WAYS to go… it looks better than before. Other updated pictures coming soon….


love, whit

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10 Months of Marriage & Closing On Our House

I know I’m not the only one who has heard someone say they don’t want to get married because “there are things I want to do with my life first.” Um, ok, what a horrible misconception and, in my opinion, pathetic excuse for not DOING something GREAT with your life! (That something being marriage)

I just noticed today on my to-do before I die list that I’ve had here on my blog for a few years — I’ve crossed more things off since I got married last September than I had in the years before that! Correlation? I think so.

My “to-do” list is different from others, I’m sure. Some things are small – some much larger. Though I know that all lists consist of goals to accomplish, places to travel to, things to do or people to become. In what way would marriage impede any of those?! It doesn’t! James is my best friend and my #1 motivator. If anything, he strives to help me achieve and become all that I can. I try to do the same for him. I love that how together – we make more happen! Marriage has given me a travel buddy, someone who pushes me, constant encouragement, a second opinion, advice, guidance, inspiration, motivation and a chance to grow on any given day. In life we often need a kick in the butt, a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, a light at the end of the tunnel, a pull out of a rut, or an extra push.

So pretty much I’m saying that if you think marriage will hold you back – you are dumb. : )

Speaking of accomplishing goals, “Be A Home Owner” can soon be crossed off my list! The closing of our house is coming this weekend. The house has appraised and at exactly the price it was offered at. Good deal! There is still a lot to be done… as far as un-packing, having a garage sale, and de-cluttering. But we are happy to have our home-sweet-home. I keep saying I’ll put up pictures & I haven’t even taken any…my goal is to snap a couple this weekend if the rain stays away.

Looking back to the 4th of July… Here in GA there was no sunshine – just rain and clouds. We did enjoy burgers & BBQ with friends though at the Payne household. We did shoot off some fireworks. We did play games. We did wear red, white, blue, and stripes. And ended it at the movies seeing Lone Ranger. God Bless ‘Merica!

4boyz 4jw 4jw3 4mb 4mb2

Matt and Bethany are the cutest & spunkiest! They are our good friends from Utah who are actually currently living in our basement here in GA for the summer! FUN!!! Bethany is a very talented videographer who was hired by DoMyOwnPestControl to make professional videos for the website and such. We are so lucky to have them both!ย  Beth, of BP Film, actually made our wedding and engagement videos. Check out her work HERE!ย 

4th 4wb 4wb2




This weekend we plan to enjoy some time at Gossling Farms for Big Mike’s and Little James’s birthday (not to be confused with my James). Family, food, & four wheeling = F U N! And glitter…. probably lots of glitter.

Next weekend we’re off to Virginia to celebrate our nephew, Max, coming of age. HA…ย  he’s turning eight and will be baptized! He’s requested that James speak at his baptism and I play the piano. How involved we are as aunty and uncle! He also has his big championship swim meet that weekend which we will also attend. Way to go, Maxwell! Can’t wait to see the fam-bam.

Other news: James & I are enjoying, for the first time ever in our lives, having DISH. Free HBO for three months is definitely being taken advantage of… especially now that we have DVR! Wahoo! spoiled, yes, we are. So we junk on episodes of Restaurant Impossible and The Next Food Network Star. : )

Also, we purchased a bottle of J-DAWG special sauce before leaving Utah & busted it out this last month along with our grill. We may or may not have made a Costco run to buy J-Dawg ingredients in bulk & have been overloading on dawgies which has pretty much canceled out any juicing done earlier in the summer. The numbers on the scale in our bathroom definitely show it. YIKES! But, I’d like to mention that we have often invited others to partake of the goodness with us. Here’s to summer & a few more pounds under our belts! Hahaha!

P.S. – What’s with this kid movie overload lately?! All the good ones came out at once! Monsters University and Turbo are adorable. And before we can even get to see Despicable Me 2, Planes will be coming out! haha… I guess we should have some kids so that going to see all these movies would make more sense. (We attempt to rope nieces and nephews in as often as we can)ย  ….Don’t get the wrong idea though. Before this last month, we rarely ever got to the theater. It’s so pricey these days!

I can’t believe July is practically over.



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