One Year Anniversary / Nashville / Taylor Swift

Happy  O N E   Y E A R   of marriage to James and me! September 29th is a golden date to us.

I would have to say that this last year has been an adventure for us both. They say that the first year is the hardest, and not to toot our own horn, but if that’s true… we’ve got smooth sailin’ for years to come! Not to say everything has always gone perfectly for us… Small things like the toilet seat being left up or the shower curtain left open (you know, so it can’t dry and mold will start to grow in the folds??) have been the source of irritation now and again. And I know my many moods and overly emotional nature have made James want to escape now and again. In all honesty though, if minor arguments over our space in the bed continues to be the worst of it – we’ve got this! I really have been blessed with a terribly patient and understanding husband. I’ve tried to return the favor as well (you’d have to ask him though…ha). Looking back over this last year, all I can see are the great memories and our relationship growing stronger.


(awesome photo cred to BP FILM!)

And just because… here’s a little on us…

  • 99% of the time, she falls asleep way before him
  • 99% of the time, she wakes up before him
  • she can usually out-eat him when it comes to food
  • he can always out-eat her when it comes to sweets
  • he wrote her cute notes and letters when they first started dating – they have all been kept
  • now we write letters back and forth in a special leather bound book he gifted her for Christmas
  • she can’t stand when he lays on the couch or bed with his shoes on
  • he doesn’t like how she sings along to the radio – – or anything for that matter
  • we like to go out for thai often. specifically for chicken satay, coconut soup, and masaman curry. every. time.
  • we’ve put ~60,000 miles on our vehicle in one year
  • since we met, we have been in 23 states together & to mexico and back
  • lettuce wraps are on our at home menu rather frequently
  • so is chicken tortilla soup (w/avocado & lime!!!)
  • carpooling to work is how our relationship started – we still carpool to work  : )
  • his favorite shows are Top Gear & Fast N Loud
  • she doesn’t really have any, but loves the Food Network
  • we both speak Spanish – but not to each other
  • we plan to one day return to Argentina together where he served his mission
  • we also plan to return to Puerto Rico together where she served hers
  • he loves planning surprises for her
  • she loves his surprises
  • he frequently misplaces his wallet – she tries not to tease him about it
  • we can’t wait to be parents
  • she loves halloween, dressing up, holidays, decor & festive get-togethers… he is learning
  • he absolutely loves all things Georgia football & she is learning
  • she has never mowed a lawn and refuses to ever do so
  • he takes many more showers than she does
  • she prefers hot bubble baths
  • we can handle any road trip & quite love them
  • he plays the violin
  • we both play piano
  • she cooks and cleans when she feels stressed
  • he prefers driving – not because she’s bad at it but because he says he does it better
  • she loves grocery shopping
  • he loves online shopping
  • we are cat people – even though he is allergic
  • he tells her she is his best friend
  • she agrees


We had a great 1st anniversary celebration! Last November I just HAD to get tickets to see my girl, Taylor Swift. I know, I’m 26, but the older I get – the more ridiculous it will be for me to want to go to her concert. Turns out that the most affordable tickets left over were for her last show in Nashville, Tennessee. James agreed that it would be fun – as we’d never been there before – and he was put in charge of planning the trip. A couple of our best friends told us how they take turns planning their anniversaries and valentine’s day… that way each person only has to worry about those days every other year. Does that make sense? We though it was brilliant, so this year… I had a load off worrying about plans and gifts for our anniversary – because it’s James year and he was in charge (next year it will be all me).

And as James always does… he planned a great surprise for me! He booked a nice hotel right across the street from the concert venue – in the heart of downtown Nashville (thank you, Marriott rewards points!). It was nice to be in walking distance of most everything. He said he planned for us to just walk around and see things before heading to dinner. So we did! We eventually made our way back to the hotel to get the truck to head to dinner. On our way we passed this exquisite 1961 Bentley that was very hard not to notice. James, of course, thinks taking a picture with it would be cool! As the chauffeur was standing outside the vehicle – I didn’t want to bother her, so I told James “No, it’s ok.”  I mean… she’s probably waiting for someone very important and doesn’t want people all over the car…. admiring from a distance should be sufficient. BUT… he insisted…. and here is the photo:



I’m ok with saying that I had a very gullible and blonde moment because it took me a while to figure out what was going on. After taking a picture, James asked if we could take a spin in it. I was shocked, not only that James asked, but because the woman responded, “Well SURE! I’m just waiting on a special couple, but we could take it for a spin around the block!”.

Honestly, in my head I was thinking…. “Seriously James?? I know it’s our anniversary and all, but this woman is waiting on someone and our little spin around the block is probably going to cost us a pretty penny!”  …So I’m sliding into the back seat of this classy old car feeling very concerned about the situation.

…I got even more concerned when the driver immediately asks if we’d like something to drink. She offered water, coke, coke zero, and then even pulled up a bottle of sparkling cider with some champagne glasses. I’m thinking, “Really?? Is this how people make money off of out-of-towners? How much will the drinks add to the tab??” …I politely declined.

The driver then asks where we’re from and why we’re in town. She offers us a drink again and then says, “I even have some chocolate covered strawberries if you’d like a snack!” and holds up a cute little plate. When James accepts her drink offer and I make eye contact with him… his little smile made me feel like the biggest idiot!

DUH, Whitney!!! He just laughs and says, “Happy Anniversary!”   …It all made much more sense & my concerns about this random “spin around the block” were settled when I found out that we were the special couple she was waiting on and that this vehicle was at our beck and call for the rest of the night! A classy old car… I should’ve known James was behind it.


Our driver, Beverly, was very nice. It was obvious that she was unaware that our “limo service” was going to  be such a surprise to me – so she played along as best she could until I realized what was going on. Once that was settled, we had our laughs, and she began to show us around all parts of Nashville for the next two hours. She stopped when we wanted her to and answered our questions. We saw more of Nashville than we ever would had we been left to explore alone. And who knew that Nashville had its very own – to scale – Parthenon?! She even showed us Big N Rich’s ridiculous home…’Mt Richmore’ and where Taylor Swift’s penthouse is. She also stopped at the pedestrian only bridge for us to walk over the Cumberland River.



She dropped us off for our dinner reservation at Watermark. A fancy southern-inspired restaurant in an area of town known as The Gulch. Weather was perfect, so we dined outside on their upper deck. Even our server, Trish, was so very kind! She recommended the the crab cake and beet + goat cheese salad… we got both and they definitely didn’t disappoint! I enjoyed some melt-in-my-mouth venison filet and James loved his steak. Trish told us how she’s waited on Taylor Swift a couple times and how messy of an eater she is! …That because of the amount of crumbs around her plate she asked her, “Miss Swift, do I need to bring you a bib?!”  ..We thought that was funny. Also, she brought us complimentary dessert for our anniversary! Win! It was three different scoops of gelato… all very tasty. Not that we dine this fancy often, but we felt that it was food and service actually worth the price and hype. They even have a rooftop garden where they grow all of their own fresh herbs! Five gold stars to Watermark!

092113_2930 092113_2933

Beverly and the lovely Bentley waited on us all through dinner. I won’t lie, it was rather fun having people look and think we were someone famous just because of our transportation. Quite a few people even waved! haha. Anyway… after dinner we went straight to the concert…

James was quick to notice the amount of females there. He was such a good sport to come along. I don’t think he really cared though, he enjoys TSwift, and Ed Sheeran was an amazing opener as well!


Although I’ve heard that Taylor Swift doesn’t sound too great live – I think that’s absurd. I didn’t notice a difference at all. She put on a great performance! I was singing along to every tune with the rest of them…

092113_2976 092113_2979

She got offstage and walked to the stage in the back… high fives the whole way of course… and performed a bit down there. With Ed Sheeran too! Then she took the floating stage back to the front.


I was hoping that because this was her VERY LAST SHOW of the Red Tour… and that it was in Nashville… that there would be something special. She brought out as a one night guest… Hunter Hayes! Gotta love Hunter Hayes! Apparently he started out as a back-up dancer for her & worked his way up to fame.


I loved every minute singing along to my girly songs… complete with falling confetti at the end!



Happy Anniversary to us! Nashville definitely didn’t disappoint.

Because we celebrated our one year the weekend before our ACTUAL anniversary… the REAL 9/29/2013 was spent relaxing. James had the GA vs. LSU game on Saturday…. which he was so pumped about. He went with his oldest brother, Michael, and his wife, June. I know what you may be thinking – but there was only one spare ticket and I was very ok with staying at home and actually getting stuff done around the house. James was on cloud nine when he came home from that big win for the Dawgs and re-watched the entire game on DVR…. going to bed at 2:30am.

Sunday was spent at church. I made my very first meatloaf for dinner (turned out to be a smashing hit!). Then we went for a walk at a new beautiful park we discovered!…

092913_3934 092913_3936

And, of course, before heading to bed…. we pulled out the cake from our wedding! Our cake “topper” is rather large…. so we have lemon cake for days now!!!! Still just as moist and delicious as before though! (Thanks, Dacy! 🙂 …. my sis made it! So good!!!)

Well… one year down… and all eternity to go! Thanks to all of the family and friends who have been there making this year as wonderful as it has been. We are truly blessed with support and love.

love you, boo!



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Busy Bees

Holy- Moly! It’s about time for a catch-up post! A lot has happened since my last post & obviously there hasn’t been much time for the blog.

As you may know, James & I moved home to Georgia. The beautiful, lush, heart-warming south 🙂

We made the long drive from Utah with a 12 foot U-haul hooked behind us. That did little to keep my nerves calm on the curves and highways. We did make it though, and with the help of many great friends and family.

2013-06-26_0009 2013-06-26_0010

It was a bittersweet move as we had dear friends that we left behind. But, they will make for good vacation excuses in the future 🙂

At first arrival, the hubs and I were living in my parent’s old house because they moved to Arizona the beginning of May. After driving across country from Utah, I turned right around and drove to AZ with my parents to help out with their move. Living out of a suitcase and boxes are things that I’ve grown used to (and am still doing) since the end of April.

May 20th brought my 26th birthday. I feel old and young all at the same time! James and I celebrated by taking a weekend trip up to Charleston, SC. Neither of us had been and we are both in love with it now! You can bet we will be going back again and again in the future. It is filled with southern charm, beautiful gardens, cute shops, the beach, so much history, and food to die for!

2013-06-26_0005 2013-06-26_0006 2013-06-26_0007 2013-06-26_0008 2013-06-26_0011

We were also lucky enough to be invited to spend a week on Hilton Head Island with Michael, June, & their adorable children for Memorial Day. (James’ oldest brother). How blessed we have been! It was a perfect beach vacation.

Hilton Head(niece, Sarah, turned 8 while we were there!)

2013-06-01_0012 2013-06-01_0015

Being back home has been wonderful, though ever-so-hectic. James & I have gone back to working full-time in the office. (Check out the latest company photo…business is booming and we are growing!)


We have also been spending most of our waking hours outside of work in pursuit of ANOTHER move. Given that my parent’s home was on the market and already sold, we found a new place to call home. We decided to purchase a rental home from James’ father. It has been a pretty big project as new carpets, new paint jobs, finishing the basement & lots of updates have been in the works. Many hours have been put into this home! We couldn’t be more grateful for all of the support and helping hands from family and friends.

**Photos To Come**

As of this last week, we are living there now — Our first house! I’m so exhausted though & James is currently at Scout Camp all week for church that not much has been un-packed. The kitchen is also still half-way out of commission because there was an error in our new counter-top order. Those are still not in …. and neither is the kitchen sink. Perfect! Slowly but surely…we will get completely settled.

This home won’t be a forever home for us though. It’s much bigger than we actually need for now: 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, & finished basement…. but the price was right and we plan to turn-around and rent it out in about a year. We’re hoping all goes well with that plan!

We’re also hoping that soon enough we will have free time to hang out with our friends here that we’ve yet to see since we moved back… 2 1/2 months ago! Sad!

In other news… I’ve been working to promote my photography business! It’s been a long time coming because it takes time that I haven’t had much of lately. Though I do have a temporary website up if you’d like to check it out:

Whitney Gossling Photography

You can also stop by and “like” my facebook page – –Any and all support is highly appreciated!

..Stay tuned for more!…

love, whit

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sunny spring weather

This has been the first week here in Provo, Utah where I could walk up to campus in short sleeves! The heaps of piled up snow are gone and the sun is shining. This spring weather couldn’t make me happier!

It was so nice today, James and I went on a walk to get lunch. We decided to try the much-raved-about local joint, Communal. It was just as I’ve heard – Amazing! We wish we’d tried it sooner. Cool, clean, fresh, delish! We both really liked their Gala Apple Salad…



Time is flying and this Spring is bringing so much our way…

NOTABLE: Today marks ONE YEAR exactly from when James came home from his mission in Argentina.


Paige and I were there to greet him after he was released because she was really good friends with him. I only knew who he was, but happened to snag the first hug because Paige had run to the bathroom. James and I started carpooling to work a few days later…and a year later we find ourselves happily married for amost 6 months! CRAZY!

Best year ever, though.


So back to what Spring is bringing…

1. IMAGINE DRANGONS concert on March 22nd in SLC!

2. Weekend Trip to SEATTLE Easter weekend …we have a couple free Marriott stays we need to use AND want to take advantage of being on this end of the country before moving back to GA. I’ve always heard so much about Seattle! Can’t WAIT!!!

3. Moving back to GEORGIA end of April and making pits stops along the way: Littleton, CO – Tulsa, OK – Houston, TX …taking advantage of the cross country trip to visit fam and friends!

4. Beginning of May – Most likely I will be driving with my parents as they move to ARIZONA so that my mom won’t have to drive alone. She’ll be trailing my dad in the U-Haul. So I’ll get to see family in AZ again and meet my new NEPHEW!!! …Just need to book a one-way back to Atlanta and it will be final!

5. My photography business is becoming more and more official! Website in the works!

6. Later in May for my birthday – A trip to CHARLESTON, SC! We’ve never been! Hoorah!

7. AAAAND Even later in the year – TAYLOR SWIFT CONCERT in Nashville, TN for our one year anniversary! (Sept 28) Her last concert of the Red Tour. fun fun fun

I know what you may be thinking. Yes, we work. But in the words of Cher Lloyd – “WORK HARD – PARTY HARDER!” …hahaha…

Also, seeing as we are currently child free, we’d like to really make the most of that married freedom. Makes sense, right? We think so.

Lastly: Just look at kitty…she loves being a Gossling and is getting a tad more plump : )


it may be because she enjoyed my Valentine’s See’s just as much as me…



May the sunny days continue!…

love, whit


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Gossling News! – January 2013

1.  We are a happy little family!!! No babies, no…not even one “brewing”…WE ADOPTED A KITTY! Little Pepper is so sweet. We’ve had her a little over a month now. We got her for $20, a little sick, 3-4 months old. Now she has warmed up to us quite a bit – a little too much of a people person sometimes. She loves her belly to be rubbed and curling up on my chest/neck in the middle of the night. I am also convinced that she has kitty conversations with me and likes me more than James.

kitty kittyclose3 kittywet

…taking her into the shower is always fun! (our shower has a door…she wanders around my feet and meows. sure beats getting scratched if we try to clean her any other way. and yes, i know cats hate water. we don’t “shower” her often at all)

2.  James is the funniest, sweetest, and full of surprises! I came home from school one day to….a celebration of my “25 2/3 birthday”?! Homemade dinner, decor, presents, and my favorite desserts that he brought home for PF Chang’s. Seriously….they have THE BEST assortment of mini desserts!

Just look at how good he is to me!….


such a shocker…James has made me the proud owner of a brand dew MacBook Air!…& PS Elements 11…

IMG_5962i love it so. it makes school and photo editing much more fun! Happy 25.63 to me!

3.  I have a full load this semester. Between James and I, the amount of textbooks coming in the mail from Amazon are ridic…


However, I am thoroughly enjoying my Sewing class and Interior Design! I’ve always wanted to learn, more technically, “the art or sewing”. Growing up, my mom showed me and helped me with projects here and there, but I never learned or paid attention very well. Now I can!

4.  Although school seems a burden every day, this is James’ and my LAST SEMESTER IN PROVO!!! …….wait for it……. We are moving home to Georgia in the end of April! We are both so excited. Georgia is home to us. James….will never live anywhere other than Georgia. We came to the conclusion that since we will end up there anyway, why wait? It’s either move now, or be stuck here in Provo 3-4 more years for James to graduate. So, James is in the process of transferring to UGA, and I will be able to finish up my BYU schooling online.

We will be living in my parents’ house until we figure out where we want to be more permanently. Only, my parents will not be there, they are moving to Arizona (more new on that later). So, living just the two of us….in a house….with a big yard/garden to keep track of….will be a fun and new experience as newly weds! And although it is sad that my parents are leaving, we are happy to be heading back east and be with all of James’ family….and close to my sister’s family in VA.

We do have a handful of really amazing friends here in Provo though that we are SO SO SO sad to leave. We are already trying to convince them that vacations to Georgia should be planned into their near future : )

5.  Two weeks ago, Jan 19th, my Grandpa Bluth passed away (on my Mom’s side). It was terribly emotional news for me. Though, I counted my blessings that him and my Grandma felt inspired to make the drive all the way from Mexico for James’ and my wedding in GA in September. I will be forever grateful for that last memory of my “abuelo”.

James and I made the road trip last weekend down to Mesa, Arizona for a family service….and then a second drive down into Colonia Dublan, Mexico for a second funeral service and burial. It was SO WONDERFUL that we went and saw all of my family, that they got to meet James, and that we made it to Mexico. I hadn’t gone in 5-6 years. Showing James where I used to spend my summers growing up was really neat, if even for a brief trip.

mexico whit james gramwith my grandma

MEXtruck3james thought the truck looked dustier than ever after driving through Mexico…

then we went through a blizzard on our way back to Utah…


I will post more on Mexico, the funeral, and my amazing Grandpa later.

love, whit

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2012 in REVIEW

dear twenty-twelve,

you were good to me.   …let’s see why!

i started the year off in ITALIA with my mom. an unforgettable trip of a lifetime that i wouldn’t want to spend with anyone else.

here she is in Florence:

italy 775

here i am in Rome:

italy 048

We made it to Venice as well:

italy 950

….and Siena and Sorrento. and ate and ate and ate. took a cooking class in Florence. fell in love with the land. and had, case in point, the greatest time! perfect start for 2012 if you ask me!


NEXT…march 2012.    …and i stole the first hug from this certain Gossling boy who came home from his mission in Argentina…


…i went to the beach!…



that Gossling boy and i became pretty close and enjoyed spring together in GA…


i moved to UTAH in April and became roommates with this crazy fun blonde bombshell…


…and reunited with this blonde bombshell….


…i turned 25! and a certain Gossling boy flew out to surprise me!…


…Summer 2012, i flew home to GA and that Gossling boy and i road-tripped back out to UT together…

road trip kansasroad trip fields

…long story short…that Gossling boy proposed,  and we started planning a party…and our forever together…


…the DMOPC family grew…our family at work….


…the big party happened in September…(Elissa turned 26 on our big weekend!)…


sisterstemple girls


…even my Grandparents came from Mexico!…

bluth gpa

…married life began. it treated us right. then the husband and i road tripped to California for Thanksgiving to visit family…


…we had fun on the way home stopping in VEGAS with our friends, Lora & Dan Grady (who made the road trip with us! so fun!)…we pinballed and dinner dated!…


frozen hot chocolate

…2012 brought new friends…we are so blessed to have…

whit lora175964_10151083712607041_231546777_o

…in 2012…Gossling Farms was established (best idea ever, Michael & June!)…which allowed for a kick-A wedding reception and for this to happen….woohoo!…



…December brought family, friends, and fun as well with Christmas and New Year’s in Georgia….but that will get its own separate post. As well as a well-overdue post with more wedding pictures if I ever get around to it. 2013 in preview also to come…

so yes, 2012, you were good to me. thank you!


love, whit

p.s. – as it’s a new year…i decided to align my text to the left for Dave.

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