Ruby Gossling


Our family was blessed with a sweet new little love – Ruby Lavinia Gossling – on November 27th 2016. (She was named after my Great Grandmother – Lucy Lavinia – We get a lot of questions about that middle name)



Sometimes we refer to her as Ruby Sunday because she was born on a Sunday instead of the Monday we had her scheduled for. Ruby was a repeat c-section and we had it all planned for the 28th of November – two days before her actual due date. Jude was six days late, so we figured that our scheduled delivery would work out well. But the little girl just could not wait another day, and Sunday morning it was.




Contractions hit me – like they usual do – in the middle of the night about 3:30am. Luckily, since I already had a scheduled repeat c-section for the following day, it was not as long of a wait to head to the hospital. I really was hoping to avoid the whole contractions bit of delivery, but at least it only lasted about 4 hours before I was in the OR and numb.




Everything went well enough. I was nervous (surgery does that to most people I think). I remember the first thing that the doctor mentioned was that Ruby had plenty of hair and was a chubby little thing. 7:55am – 8lb 8oz. She was beautiful and I was in love.



James snagged all the first photos in the OR on my phone since I was numb and strapped to the operating table. One downside to c-sections. But I am okay with knowing that each of our babies get their first hour in the world snuggled with their daddy.



Ruby is the sweetest little thing. She slept wonderfully from the beginning, nursed well, and cried only when she had to be unswaddled and changed. Or when she spit up – which was frequent those first couple of days. The poor thing had a lot of amniotic fluid coming up and lost about one pound pretty quick.


(^^Meemaw Tutt & Grandma Goose^^)

We were fortunate to have my mom fly in from Arizona the day after Thanksgiving, and Ruby was born two days later. She brought Jude to the hospital that first day. I was anxious to see how he would react to the baby, and he loved her from the beginning. He asks, “hold?” often and is constantly covering her with kisses and hugs. He calls her, “Beb- bee!”


Jude and Daddy

Jude’s delivery left me super sore and I was hardly getting up and moving for a week. This time around, I forced myself to get up out of bed on my own and move. I mean, it may have taken me a couple minutes to lift myself out of bed and I walked around at a glacial pace, but I was moving! They always told me that the more you move, the easier the surgery recovery would be. So true! Granted, I did not labor naturally for 16 hours before the c-section like I did with Jude. My body and muscles were so worn out from that day.



This time around we actually were discharged from the hospital after 48 hours! We could have stayed for four if we really wanted, but we were ready to get the heck outta dodge and be home with Jude.



Below is a photo of her from the hospital right before we left. I swear her face looks so chubby straight on!…


I can hardly imagine life without our little Rubes. She is so perfect to me in every way.


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Jude’s 2nd Birthday


Our dear little Jude Boy turned two in August. Here I am barely posting about it…in late September. Pregnancy has been rough. Little gets done and most days are focused on Jude + trying to survive his energy and meltdowns while my energy continues to decrease. It is no secret that I am not a fan of pregnancy – the emotions, constant discomfort, pain and exhaustion are real, folks! But, at 30 weeks now, I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel haha!



Back to Jude!

He is a very sweet boy and a light to our days. I am constantly entertained by his quirks and exploding personality. Though he is a chatterbox, his speech is delayed and most of it is indecipherable. His facial expressions and hand motions while talking make it that much better! He does know a fair amount of words – I am MA and James is DAD. Most often some of his other daily words include: STOP, NO, SHOES, SOCKS, TOES, HAT, PLEASE, TRASH, NOSE, UH OH, HOT, OH NO, & WOW. He is in an interesting phase of calling a lot of thing by their sound instead of their name. Cars and trucks are “Brr brrr’s” – trains (which he is obsessed with) are “Toot too’s” – Cows are “Moos” – Horses “Nay nays” – and other sounds for Ducks and Pigs. There are a lot of other words I am starting to distinguish amongst the jibberish too, but right now I am not going to rack my brain for them all. The good thing, is that he comprehends pretty much everything we tell him. James especially loves requesting that Jude bring him the remote or throw things in the trash for him. Ha!




At age two, Jude has his favorite things. Some being:

Trains!, Kitties, Cars/Trucks, Horses, Cows, Creatures that Roar. (thus the cake decor)

He prefers watching Curious George, Thomas & Friends, and Shrek. Lately, he has a new love for Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. I find it a little funny that he especially gets into the kissing scenes at the end. He makes the smooch noise and comes and lays his head on my shoulder, cups my face, and says AWWWW. Hopefully it is not something we need to be concerned with in the future. After all, his daddy IS a romantic.



(dancing ^^^)

As any boy would, Jude loves being outside. Going on walks, four wheeler rides, and trying to help out when we are working. Poor thing does not get as many walks or outside time as before right now though – the heat has this pregnant mama staying inside as much as possible. I can hardly run after him anymore anyway.





Jude LOVES swimming and the water. He is fearless. We have to keep an eye on him because he will let himself go under – doing his vertical bicycle kicking in place. He can hold his breath for a few seconds, but needs work. We never put a puddle jumper on him so that he has to learn to swim. I think next summer he will have it down!


Jude’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we just had a low key day of swimming and grilling out. Grandma and Grandpa came as well as our good friends, the Oldroyd’s (basically Jude’s adopted aunt and uncle) and then our next-door cousins came over a little later. Maybe when Jude is older and comprehends his birthday, we will make a bigger deal about it. He had fun on his day – and that was all that mattered!


Processed with VSCO with q1 preset

Apart from other fun new cars and light-up tractor, Jude got some cool train toys which are, of course, his latest obsession. And a fun new wind-up train book (from my Usborne obsession lol). We gifted him his book the following day though. He was overloaded with cool things on Saturday.




The night ended with a trip to Stone Mountain for the laser show. He loves the lights, fireworks, and music. He dances and jumps around the whole time! Most of the family joined us for it, so it was a fun, family-filled day.


I have to document the cake because – as James knows best – I am no baker. Other than cookies, I ruin everything. Baking from scratch is something I just cannot perfect. It did not help that the day before, I watched an episode of Master Chef where the challenge was to make a perfect three layered birthday cake. The critiquing of those cakes left me feeling the pressure! However, with a phone call to my sister for some advice – I was proud of myself and this birthday cake. The homemade funfetti icing turned out amazing too!


Jude turns two

So here is to Jude – our little two year old. We love him so! I love that I get to spend my days with him (even though motherhood can be tiring work) and I cannot wait to see him as a big brother.



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Pregnancy + Caprese Salad


This pregnancy has not been a very easy one. I have heard many a mother say that they were much more sick when pregnant with their girls than with their boys. I don’t know if there is actually anything to back that up, but it is holding true for me too. However, come 20 weeks – halfway there! – nausea is basically gone. Thank heavens! I will admit that it was nice to lose weight in the beginning because come the last weeks of pregnancy, I will probably bloat up like last time! haha. It was a miserable few months at the Gossling household though earlier this spring. James can attest. I spent four months in hibernation practically. For you women that just adore pregnancy and want to have baby after baby – props. I hate it. It sucks. I am very grateful to have a healthy little one on the way – do not get me wrong there. Counting my blessings.

BUT, I am to the point of loving food again. Hooray! Ever since I visited Italy with my mother, I have been obsessed with caprese salad. During my pregnancy with Jude, I craved them all the time. Fresh tomatoes! Basil! Balsamic. Mozzarella. Mmmmm. Good thing I keep my pregnancies during the summer. I have mentioned we are out our ears with garden tomatoes – no complaints here – so every day, lunch is amazing. It is a tomato, pesto & cream cheese sandwich…Or caprese salad. . .


Heaven on a plate. Absolutely. And I am not kidding when I say literally every day. While my supply lasts…indulge!

When in Itlay, my mom and I took a cooking class – best day ever (view that blog post here)! They took us through the Florence open market to buy our fresh ingredients and educate us on them. Of course, I bought seasonings and other goodies to bring home and cook with. My favorite was a raspberry balsamic glaze which I have been salvaging and trying to make last as long as possible. I kept telling James that as soon as my bottle was empty, we had to make a trip back to Florence. Ha! Wishful dreaming. I was in denial for a while because my bottle sat, basically empty, in the fridge for weeks before I could throw it away.


But then something marvelous happened. I came upon this fig balsamic glaze at The Fresh Market! Oh, happy day! It does not have quite the sweetness of the raspberry glaze from Florence, but it is delicious. Thrilled about having a comparable replacement, my summer and pregnancy can be complete. Yes, I am a little obsessed. The best part is that I can use it to my heart’s content knowing that I can go buy more when I need it. Divine!


Whit jude21months

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