On Being Happy…

Ezra Taft Benson


I’ve been thinking a lot about this very topic lately. My life is a roller coaster. Some days, weeks, or months I’m on top of things (for the most part) and feeling accomplished and full of life. Then I get in a slump. The struggle of feeling like I am barely making it – if even at all.

I get down about my self-image, about my roles as a mother and a wife, about my photography and my business, about pretty much any or all aspects of life.

BUT. I am remembering again and again that the more I actively make God a priority and part of my life. To include Him in every aspect… I find myself on the upward climb. Or even cruising at the top. As His child, His love for me is perfect and unending. He wants me to be happy, successful, and make my dreams come true. None of that is possible without Him though.

I’m continually learning to trust. And to hand my life over to Him. Working hard, staying humble, and serving as He would have me do.

And then I notice that things start to work out. Life is full of hope. And satisfying joy.



that girl whit | Whitney Gossling

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Andres + Karissa …the Utah Wedding chapter


Meet Andres and Karissa Lazarte!

These two have a very special place in mine and James’ heart. James met Andres on his mission in Argentina. They lived together for 4.5 months and have been as close as brothers ever since. I heard stories about Andres before I ever met him & it didn’t take long for me to love him too. In fact, the first night I met him, (apart from learning that he cannot parallel park a vehicle) I was already thinking of which of my single lady friends I could set him up with. Andres is the nicest guy, genuine, funny, fun, a little hipster – but good looking! (LOL 😉 ) And once you meet his family – you understand why he’s such a good egg! In no time, the Lazarte’s had adopted James and I as their own. Needless to say – we love these people. Andres would third wheel with James and I often…. more like I would third wheel with them. He came with us when we adopted Kitty. He house sat for us a couple times. He flew to Georgia to be in our wedding. He even wore suspenders for it! He is a solid friend.

SO – – -long story short. Even though nothing ever worked out with my friends – I was very excited when I heard him tell us about Karissa. Karissa was a missionary he also met in Argentina. Right as Andres was on his way home – Karissa was new in the mission. Their meeting was brief, but they became regular pen pals after. I don’t want to tell THE WHOLE STORY because you should totally watch their adorable engagement video — made by the one and only BP Film:

Andres + Karissa :: Couple’s Story from BP. Film on Vimeo.

Letter writing quickly turned into dating once she got back home to Utah. Andres could not stop talking about how great she was and that he really liked her! James and I were pumped – – – not only because they had their first date in our apartment (Andres house sat for us watching Kitty while we were out of town) – – – but there were some true sparks it seemed!

We met Karissa on a double date to the Nickelmania (super Utah, i know). And I loved her right away … it was a perfect fit! Karissa is beautiful, SO sweet, SO happy, and just a delightful person to be around. They were adorable together. She seemed to be just as excited about him as he was her. Needless to say… I was not surprised when talk of ring shopping was in the air months later.

James & I did not want to miss this union – – – Luckily, I passed well enough to be their photographer & James got to be a groomsman. And, basically, it was a perfectly happy weekend…







The afternoon of August 24th 2013 coming out of the Salt Lake City Temple…  I may or may not have shed joyous tears multiple times throughout the day.












So, Andres & Karissa… here’s to you! And a very very happy marriage together. For time and all eternity. : )

I love you dearly,




It was nice to be in Utah again for a few days.


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General Conference: Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice

Come listen to living prophets

General Conference is coming!!!

October 6-7th  (saturday morning always ends up being my favorite session for some reason)

i love conference. i love knowing that God IS the same yesterday, today, and forever… that just as he called on prophets in days before to guide his people, he still does. nothing can bring more peace, comfort, answers, and guidance better than hearing God’s words through his living prophets today. don’t believe me? give it a listen…

The live broadcast will be available from the following sources:


“Righteous character is more valuable than any material object you own, any knowledge you have gained through study, or any goals you have attained no matter how well lauded by mankind. In the next life your righteous character will be evaluated to assess how well you used the privilege of mortality.”

-Richard G. Scott (quorum of the twelve apostles)

love, whit

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MAY THiRTEENTH – so much significance

today is a BiG day!

and i’ll give you THREE REASONS why:

1. i have the greatest mother in the world. er, universe. er, just don’t try to compete – ok?!

this is her. yvonne. reading her scrips waiting for one of our many trains in italy.

…ok, i have much better pictures, yes. but i thought this one had a nice “vibe” to it. ha!

so why don’t we go back a bit?? my parents on their wedding day!… classic…

four kids later along came her favorite (moi!)…yes, i’m like a little elf…


you can always find my mom in the yard with her flowers and plants. i often shadowed her…

(pic with the first bloomed tigerlily!!! a native to the northern mexican mountain where my mom grew up):

always supportive…so happy on my temple endowment day back in 2008!…

mom wrote me a handwritten letter every week, without fail, the whole 18 months i was gone on my mission. that mail was the best.

mom and her parents (grandma! – another amazing woman to be mentioned on this day!)…

random. dressed up as cinderelly….super cute, i know…

mom and i tend to go out to eat….and eat a lot when we do…

…which is why we were in heaven when we went to Italy together in january…

(all sorts of flattering pictures, i know!)

enough with photos… my mom is incredible. as i get older, i have the opposite of worry when i see more of her in me. she’s been an example my whole life of hard work, sacrifice, faith, service, and integrity…also distilling in me a love for the arts, music, gardening, cooking, cleaning, and giving. she’s demonstrated to me that the gospel is a way of life and that we should live putting others first.

i can’t even begin really to know what to say when it comes to my mom…

so let’s settle with, Happy Mother’s Day! – te amo un montonsote!

REASON #2 for May 13th

2. i returned home from my mission TWO YEARS AGO today!

holy moly!

yes, that dates me…

though my 18 months spent in the service of the Lord are ones i will never take back and will remember forever. puerto rico and barbados…always in my heart.

i miss them…

…two years ago on Mother’s Day this happened. the best last Sunday any missionary could ask for.

ohmygoodness i’m getting emotional thinking about these people…i must call them…

moving on…

REASON #3 for May 13th…


i’m not one to keep track of dates…but this time i will make note that the 13th marks “one month” of being “officially together”

cheesey?? …you’re just jealous.

a little crazy that after only 6 1/2 weeks of dating, i’m incredibly head-over-heels for this face…

WOAH there, huge zoomed in shot of a face!!!


only appropriate though. super cute, right?!

oh…that’s james, btw. get used to hearing about him.

and we’re a pretty big deal.

the talk of the town one might say…

yes…we cook together too.

the only problem…

i have to wait FOUR  M O R E   W  E   E   K   S   until i see him again. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh…

more on this later.

love, whit

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