Temple Square

James and I had the opportunity of visiting Utah this Spring – as in a few months ago now – and I’m finally taking the time to post some pictures from our trip. I’m so on-the-ball!

It worked out great that James had a business conference to attend in Salt Lake City (Domopalooza) and little Jude and I were able to tag along.

Jude did great in our flights. The flight attendants LOVED him! Who wouldn’t? : ) We stayed the first part of our trip in The Grand America which was super fancy & a fun experience. After the conference was over, we headed down to Provo and stayed there a couple nights to be closer to friends. Seeing some of our favorite faces and catching up was well overdue and much needed.

Temple Square

One afternoon, we made it to Temple Square in Salt Lake. Utah in spring is GORGEOUS, and Temple Square in the spring definitely tops the charts. I was obsessing over all of the tulips and mass amounts of flowers EVERYWHERE. It’s amazing really.

Temple Square

Temple Square

The hanging flower boxes along the walls were my favorite part. With bright happy poppies coming out the top!

Temple Square

Temple Square

Seeing as it was Jude’s first time to Utah and Temple Square, I had to document it well for him. It’s such a special place to us. Sure, he won’t remember it…but that’s what pictures are for!

Temple Sqaure

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square

^ This photo is one of my favorites. ^

Temple Square

We made it into the old Tabernacle where we found a sister missionary who served in our ward in Georgia a few months prior! She is from the Philippines and was headed home the very next week. Such a sweet little coincidence to run into her there. She and her companion did the sound presentation in the Tabernacle so we could hear the pin drop. Incredible acoustics!

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square

Even though it was spring, the wind and weather were still bitter cold. We had to stay bundled.

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square

Seriously though…look at how many flowers!

Temple Square

Temple Square

Temple Square

When we were done being “tourists”, we stopped and ate at The Lion House for brunch. Warm homemade goodness!

Temple Square

Temple Square

^Fancy little way to keep things watered ^

Summer is now here – clearly, It’s the end of July – and we’ve been staying super busy. James just finished his summer term of school and finals this week. He’ll start up with an even heavier load in a week or so for Fall. Ugh! I’m just as ready for him to be done as he is. Still over a year to go though. Jude is walking and all over the place. His personality cracks us up & he continues to be a sweet and personable little guy. We enjoyed having my family in town this month as well – my mom, two sisters, and their kids all stayed at our house for about a week. Summer is winding down quickly – we have two more Gossling babies joining the family any day now (June and Shellie are very much about to pop!) and Jude is about to be ONE! Where has the year gone? August 6th.


Whitney Gossling | That Girl Whit

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Atlanta Portrait Photographer | Julian’s Getting Baptized


Baptism Photography

Baptism Photos

Atlanta Photographer

Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Atlanta Portrait Photographer

Atlanta Photographer

Baptism Photos



Julian is turning eight years old in July and making the wonderful step of baptism later this summer! I love his excitement and our fun session at the Atlanta LDS Temple last night. He was beaming while wearing his dad’s old missionary tag and insisted we use his well worn scriptures for the pictures. Adorable! I couldn’t resist already sharing a few on here as I was culling through and editing this afternoon.



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Lindsay + Todd – Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Lindsay + Todd

We may have had an ice storm and snowy winter weather in Atlanta just two days before, but the skies cleared and this day was nothing short of perfect for Lindsay & Todd – The new Mr. and Mrs. Greener!








Todd and Lindsay have a love that is so real and infectious. The way they looked and smiled into each other’s eyes all day long warmed my heart! I love being able to document true love and the beginning of such a wonderful journey for two people. It was apparent how perfect Lindsay and Todd are for each other and I wish them all the best in their adventures ahead.


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Andres + Karissa …the Utah Wedding chapter


Meet Andres and Karissa Lazarte!

These two have a very special place in mine and James’ heart. James met Andres on his mission in Argentina. They lived together for 4.5 months and have been as close as brothers ever since. I heard stories about Andres before I ever met him & it didn’t take long for me to love him too. In fact, the first night I met him, (apart from learning that he cannot parallel park a vehicle) I was already thinking of which of my single lady friends I could set him up with. Andres is the nicest guy, genuine, funny, fun, a little hipster – but good looking! (LOL 😉 ) And once you meet his family – you understand why he’s such a good egg! In no time, the Lazarte’s had adopted James and I as their own. Needless to say – we love these people. Andres would third wheel with James and I often…. more like I would third wheel with them. He came with us when we adopted Kitty. He house sat for us a couple times. He flew to Georgia to be in our wedding. He even wore suspenders for it! He is a solid friend.

SO – – -long story short. Even though nothing ever worked out with my friends – I was very excited when I heard him tell us about Karissa. Karissa was a missionary he also met in Argentina. Right as Andres was on his way home – Karissa was new in the mission. Their meeting was brief, but they became regular pen pals after. I don’t want to tell THE WHOLE STORY because you should totally watch their adorable engagement video — made by the one and only BP Film:

Andres + Karissa :: Couple’s Story from BP. Film on Vimeo.

Letter writing quickly turned into dating once she got back home to Utah. Andres could not stop talking about how great she was and that he really liked her! James and I were pumped – – – not only because they had their first date in our apartment (Andres house sat for us watching Kitty while we were out of town) – – – but there were some true sparks it seemed!

We met Karissa on a double date to the Nickelmania (super Utah, i know). And I loved her right away … it was a perfect fit! Karissa is beautiful, SO sweet, SO happy, and just a delightful person to be around. They were adorable together. She seemed to be just as excited about him as he was her. Needless to say… I was not surprised when talk of ring shopping was in the air months later.

James & I did not want to miss this union – – – Luckily, I passed well enough to be their photographer & James got to be a groomsman. And, basically, it was a perfectly happy weekend…







The afternoon of August 24th 2013 coming out of the Salt Lake City Temple…  I may or may not have shed joyous tears multiple times throughout the day.












So, Andres & Karissa… here’s to you! And a very very happy marriage together. For time and all eternity. : )

I love you dearly,




It was nice to be in Utah again for a few days.


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2012 in REVIEW

dear twenty-twelve,

you were good to me.   …let’s see why!

i started the year off in ITALIA with my mom. an unforgettable trip of a lifetime that i wouldn’t want to spend with anyone else.

here she is in Florence:

italy 775

here i am in Rome:

italy 048

We made it to Venice as well:

italy 950

….and Siena and Sorrento. and ate and ate and ate. took a cooking class in Florence. fell in love with the land. and had, case in point, the greatest time! perfect start for 2012 if you ask me!


NEXT…march 2012.    …and i stole the first hug from this certain Gossling boy who came home from his mission in Argentina…


…i went to the beach!…



that Gossling boy and i became pretty close and enjoyed spring together in GA…


i moved to UTAH in April and became roommates with this crazy fun blonde bombshell…


…and reunited with this blonde bombshell….


…i turned 25! and a certain Gossling boy flew out to surprise me!…


…Summer 2012, i flew home to GA and that Gossling boy and i road-tripped back out to UT together…

road trip kansasroad trip fields

…long story short…that Gossling boy proposed,  and we started planning a party…and our forever together…


…the DMOPC family grew…our family at work….


…the big party happened in September…(Elissa turned 26 on our big weekend!)…


sisterstemple girls


…even my Grandparents came from Mexico!…

bluth gpa

…married life began. it treated us right. then the husband and i road tripped to California for Thanksgiving to visit family…


…we had fun on the way home stopping in VEGAS with our friends, Lora & Dan Grady (who made the road trip with us! so fun!)…we pinballed and dinner dated!…


frozen hot chocolate

…2012 brought new friends…we are so blessed to have…

whit lora175964_10151083712607041_231546777_o

…in 2012…Gossling Farms was established (best idea ever, Michael & June!)…which allowed for a kick-A wedding reception and for this to happen….woohoo!…



…December brought family, friends, and fun as well with Christmas and New Year’s in Georgia….but that will get its own separate post. As well as a well-overdue post with more wedding pictures if I ever get around to it. 2013 in preview also to come…

so yes, 2012, you were good to me. thank you!


love, whit

p.s. – as it’s a new year…i decided to align my text to the left for Dave.

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my life in shminstagram

visual update of what i’ve been up to this summer…


…italian sodas with elissa…

and play dates with elissa and nate in SLC…

…my sunflowers grew MIGHTY BIG this summer!!!

and i got some flowers from my lovah…

FIVE SPOT frozen yogurt. YESSSS!

…james and me sitting on a big bail of hay. no big d.

and he snags pics of me as i sleep in the car…

we upgraded in life!…

meal for $3!

dates with chels and bryce…

…ok now you are sick of us.

i fell in love with Mountain West Burrito…

…and love when Costco has SALES on pizza!…$6!…

4th of July FUN with the Beach Boys…

study time with james…

the ugly ashy clouds out my window for days when we had all the big forest fires…


he likes anchovies on his salads apparently…

…fancy dinners at italian cafes…


a lovely saturday with my ladies in Salt Lake City – Temple Square…

atop the conference center with chels and carolyn


i stay busy, see?

happy summer!

love, whit

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