“It is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength.”

New Year’s 2016 my only goal was to simplify my life. I had found myself with a lot of anxiety and constantly stressed. I was learning to juggle life as a first time mom, running a photography business, keeping up with our home, trying to fulfill my responsibilities at church (teaching early morning seminary, for those of you that are lds), and searching for time to be a good wife. I was so overwhelmed and worn out that my sweet husband too often was left with my cranky attitude lashing out at him over nothing.

I have never been one that could handle a lot on her plate very well. Maybe some people think I have it all together, but, surprise! I don’t (or maybe it’s not a surprise, lol). As a photographer, I was very active on social media. My feeds were full of other photographers, female business owners & “mompreneurs”. They were inspiring and supporting one another in the spirit of community over competition – which the world totally needs more women empowering each other instead of cutting each other down. BUT. I constantly saw the word “hustle”. Good things come to those who hustle. She has that girl boss hustle. Last name hustle. First name always. Every day I’m hustlin’. Hustle. Hustle. Hustle!

Ok. I get it. You absolutely have to work hard to make your dreams come true. No doubt that is truth and a positive message to get across. Always striving for your best or better is a good thing.


Though suddenly I hated the hustle. I was tired of being tired. I hated the pressure and mentality to do and be everything and be awesome at it all (as a mom and female in general). That if we are going 50 mph all the time with little sleep and functioning off of caffeine – that is a successful woman who gets a lot accomplished! A lot of women feel that and strive for it. And I’m not saying it doesn’t feel great to get 20 things done in one day – But I wanted some calm in my life. I was tired of getting caught up in comparison of others’ seemlingly “well-rounded” lives. Having my own photography business was always my dream, but then I had a baby and the hustle to stay on top of everything and keep clients happy and pampered and still be a present mom and wife on top of many other things was so overwhelming. I felt like I was half-assing so much in life. “The hustle” left me exhausted and cranky and was it worth it? Does life have to be so fast paced all of the time? I guess if you want it to be, sure.

My mom’s favorite quote is “less is more” and suddenly that rang so true to me. I wanted less. I wanted to simplify my life. I wanted to be present for my son and not be trying to work while he’s tugging at me for my attention. I wanted to have quality time with my husband and not be so busy and tired that he got my cranky leftovers. I wanted to not constantly have a looming cloud in my head of all the things I was behind on. And I wanted to slow down and take time for my well-being and for the well-being of my marriage, family, and home life – both physically and spiritually. 


I took my 2016 goal to simplify seriously. After recognizing what mattered most to me, I shelved my photography business and quit booking. The extra income, though nice, was no longer a factor that mattered. We made things work and today I am home with my two babies having just them and this home life to worry about. I use the word “just” lightly there – Life is still hectic sometimes, that is expected – but I feel like I have more room to breathe. I can focus on my children. I can be present. Our marriage has grown SO much from time better spent together. And maybe it’s lame to some people, but I was actually able to have an amazingly successful vegetable garden last summer because there was time for it. We even still have homemade spaghetti sauce in our freezer because of the crazy amount of tomatoes we grew! (go back and see my garden post HERE)

You know, I don’t want this coming across as “you should quit your job to be happy”.  That is just one step I took since I was drowning in the hustle of my every day life. It was not healthy. A huge part of my seeking simplicity wasn’t just cutting out my business, but finally learning to say “no” – to others and myself. I don’t need a Pinterest perfect life. I don’t need (or want) something scheduled on my calendar every weekend. I didn’t have to say “yes” to everything. There were so many details of things that I stressed about being close to perfect that really didn’t matter at all! And other things like getting rid of Facebook (over a year strong!) and decluttering the house – like getting rid of SO MUCH STUFF! – actually really did a lot to help me. I even got rid of Instagram for a few months to really be able to focus and enjoy life without being so plugged in to what everyone else was up to. Less is more, folks. It really is.

Everybody handles stress loads differently. Some may even thrive in the frantic chaos. But today, although my to-do list is still long and aspirations many – and we have two kiddos instead of one – I am grateful for the room I have given myself over the last year to breathe. To be present with my babes and wonderful husband. And to live life more simply than I used to.

A constant reminder to myself: Who said you have to do it all? There is a time and season for everything.



^^nothing like my sweet babes to make me happy^^


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Look Up

I am not one that spends time watching viral videos or reading the latest popular articles circling around the internet; but today in search of some things, I came across this video. It hit home for me in a few ways. In coming to post it, I noticed that the last time I wrote on here was around New Years. Reading my thoughts and goals of wanting to simplify and prioritize my year for what and who matters most only makes this that much more applicable:



Look up, folks!


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Do What You Love

I’ve been thinking about myself a lot lately. Not in a self-centered mentality, but in a “What do I want to do with my life?” kind of way.

I’ve noticed some patterns. Not all that I’m proud of, but I’m sure I am not alone:

1. I’m a perfectionist. If I’m going to do something – I have ridiculously high expectations of how it should turn out. Which is probably why I often just “dabble” because I’ll compare myself to “the ideal goal” and get frustrated.

2. I’m a day dreamer. I have visions of things I’d love to do – a person I’d love to become – things I’d love to learn and have time for. And I’ve always dreamed big!

3. If my heart’s not in something – I quit it. That can be viewed as good or bad. It explains why my college career lasted on-and-off over so many years with constant changes in my major. And why I never finished and still don’t have a degree. You know what though? I don’t regret it. I get bothered when I’m told that I will regret never finishing. But no, no I won’t. I learned a lot in college! I took enough classes across the board that I feel well-educated. What I WOULD regret is if I made myself miserable finishing my degree in something I realized I didn’t want to pursue. College made me pretty dang neurotic because I never felt like it’s where I belonged or what I actually wanted to do. I did not like feeling like I HAD to spend so much of my time, energy, and money doing something because it’s what I felt pressured to do or because it made others happy with my decisions…. I want to be HAPPY and PASSIONATE about MY decisions and the path I choose.

Do What You Love

My whole life I always enjoyed art. Painting, drawing, doodles, crafting… CREATING was what I loved. I tried something new & took a film-developing photography class my Senior year in high school and LOVED it! Suddenly, I itched to take my dad’s old 35mm film camera with me everywhere I went. And I practically did. It became my dream to one day be good enough to own my own business doing what I loved.

Though… the art world is full of a lot of intensely passionate people – especially once I reached college levels. Sometimes their passion, drive, skill and unique creativity would scare me because I didn’t feel like I was on the same level; however, it was inspiring. Getting accepted into and being a part of the art departments at my University was terribly competitive. Seriously though – only being able to apply/submit your portfolio once a year and cross your fingers that you will be one of the dozen chosen out of hundreds of applicants… It was nothing short of disheartening.

I chose to focus on other things in my college studies – though the art-based classes were always my favorite. My parent’s surprised me and bought me my first Nikon SLR 35mm film camera for Christmas one year. I carried it everywhere and spent a lot of money on rolls of film! Paintbrushes, canvas, craft projects, and my drawers of developed negatives were what I loved far more than my school studies. I dreamed about but lacked the courage to do something great with my passion.


Skipping ahead – over the years I’ve had a handful of different jobs, life experiences involving travel, and many learning opportunities. I have met a variety of very different people and been inspired in many ways. I’ve gotten married and gained a companion that is a doer and 100% supportive and by my side. I honestly feel that because of him, I am starting to become the me I always dreamed of.

Apart from my husband, I cannot overlook certain people that have been placed in my path in the last couple of years. The tiny decision of who I chose to be our engagement photographer in 2012 has significantly impacted my life. I could go on about how that one decision randomly snow-balled into many great things, but for now, I just will focus on one. Lora Grady very quickly became a close friend of mine. We clicked & lucky for us, also shared similar interests. She taught me so much and motivated/pushed me to just START! Between her and my husband, I gained the courage to finally create my photography business despite my OCD of wanting everything perfect from the get-go. Everybody has to start somewhere. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in just 2013 because I decided to just start.

get started

Now, it’s the beginning of 2014. I started making a list of my “Desires for the New Year” over the holidays and it looked like this:

I’d like to visit NYC
Having married into a family that gets everybody together frequently, I’d like to see all of my family together in one place for a change.
I’d like to have time to garden
I’d like to improve on meal planning and budgeting
I want to go on more dates with just my husband
I’d like to make more time to invest in my photography business
I’d like to work on my personal creative goals
I’d like to spend less time staring at a computer screen
I want to go on more walks
I want to finish a few paintings
I want to have time to enjoy reading books again
I want to send more snail mail
I want to be present for my family

In staring at my list, I thought to myself. Why aren’t these things happening now? My two big factors were…

#1 – I have a full-time day job where I stare at a screen all day.

#2 – I’m pregnant, so at this stage in the game, by the time I get home from work… I have no energy for much other than my pillow.

Making decisions has always been hard for me, but this time – It was surprisingly easy. Although I have been blessed with a great job, steady income, and excellent health insurance – I opted to give it up. WHOA – I know! I feel like lately I’ve been given many opportunities to learn, grow, and get help living my dream that I’d be dumb not to take the leap of faith to go for it. I need the time to make it happen. I’m ready to be my own boss and take charge of life.

So, even though we have a baby on the way and my current steady income/great health insurance/benefits would seem like the “wise” thing to stick with – I feel the opposite. I’ve put in the word and come the end of February, I will no longer be employed. Now is my time to REALLY start doing what I want to. Now is the time to get things going BEFORE my baby comes. I’m excited about the time I will have to invest in my business and passions. I’m blessed to have a supportive husband. It definitely will not be easy, but I have not felt better about such a decision.

Coming from someone who has been the QUEEN of procrastination, insecurity, and indecision – Just GET STARTED LIVING YOUR DREAM! Now is the time because “tomorrow” rarely comes. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough to work for it – it will be yours. Do not settle.

Let the journey begin!…

love, whit

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weekend whatevers

1. My sister, Tamaron, had her first baby! A little boy. Ok, not too little…8.8 lbs! Named Conrad. The 8th grandkid for my parents. He is just too too cute…

35511_10100204533312334_1824257471_nand it kills me that they are in Arizona, so I probably won’t see him until maybe this summer…



2. Lesson learned: Sometimes expensive is often cheaper. AKA: Buy once and buy GOOD!   …quality that won’t break the pocketbook too much or need to be replaced soon or ever.


3. Other lesson learned: If you give your children everything they want, they will grow up always wanting.


4. My LESS-STRESS thinking lately:

i hate school, but i’ve decided to learn to learn, not to pass a test. it’s helping me enjoy classes more and not worry so much about the perfect A.

let things go. forgive. i know of no one who is perfect, especially myself, so why point fingers or criticize? no matter our age, we are all still making mistakes just like the next. talk about a stress reliever//burden lifter …let your grudges GO!

again…NO ONE is perfect or has it all together. stop comparing. stop judging.

my stress and frustration only mean i need to quit thinking about it. i need a breather from myself! so… think of someone else, do something thoughtful or nice for them. pay a visit. make a phone call. listen. be a friend.

don’t be blind. open my eyes to the world around me. family. friends. other people have feelings and needs too. not just me.

money doesn’t grow on trees, i know…BUT, as one of my “Guatemalteca” mission companions once told me, “if you’re always worried about money, you’ll never have enough!”  …think about it.


5. be brave

…and make your dreams happen!



tumblr_mik1ozyBUC1qa9ddao1_500i’m hating utah snow right now. can i please have a mini greenhouse?!


7. i love my husband. everyday i realize just how lucky i am for someone SO patient with me and SO forgiving of my quirks and crankiness and SO affectionate.

tumblr_mhrg50xiHk1rpe0jco1_400tumblr_mdzyfgzU171r096xto1_500…look! …it’s us and kitty. …atop our future house in the country?

love, whit

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i love sleep!


Of all places, in my interior design class we got on the topic of sleep. It’s not a new idea that “early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise” (I’m not so sure about the wealthy part). BUT…this discussion on studies done and the facts behind our body’s schedule and the IDEAL sleep pattern made me come home with a goal for James and myself. Especially since it was pointed out that our sleep patterns were contributing to bad eating habits, moodiness, and poor performance of both body and mind. lethargy = bad times!

I proposed the idea of us going to be at 11pm and waking up at 7am every day! (ok, to those of you with kids who get you up at 5-6am everyday, I am sorry…this is the “ideal” sleep schedule we are attempting).

James is a night owl. Me…not so much. James likes going to bed past 1 or 2 am. He is also not the most fun person to get out of bed in the morning. I have my days as well.

ANYWAY…we put our schedule to test last week. We both love love loved it! 11-7! I felt energized, productive, well rested, and all around better.  (D&C 88 anyone?!)

Too bad the weekend came and totally threw us off. It is hard to socialize at our age in a college town and make it to bed by 11pm on the weekend. We’re making an attempt to get back on schedule though.

Case in point….11-7…give it a go!




a614f0806b4b40dc1bd0849f62b466e9_edited-10c36aa82719affb0c2b36a8eb61a36ca…fact chart overload…

love, whit

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the WORST foods you can eat

i had a three hour layover in Denver the other day. what did i do?

i spent it reading health food magazines. ha!

which is a good thing, because it rekindled my “i’m going to be a healthy eater” drive.

ok, i’m not really a terribly unhealthy eater. in fact, i blow more money on fresh produce and healthier options than i can afford. but, there ARE some things now that i’m going to avoid even more so…and need to cut out! say “NO!” to processed crap!

what are they?

the WORST foods you can eat (some very OBVI):

1. margarine –  stick with butter…the REAL thing

2. soda – (even ASPARTAME – which is basically in all artificial sweeteners, is very bad for you – aka – DIET/ZERO sodas)

3. potato chips – said to be one of the main foods that people tend to overeat. and horrible for you. (well duh! but ugh! no more flaming hot cheetos or pringles?! james can attest to my latest pringle addiction)

4. doughnuts – yes, whitney, that includes maple bars.

5. low-fat foods –  cookies, snacks, salad dressings, yogurt, and other processed foods with the “low-fat” label use substitutes that are worse than choosing to buy the real/natural/unprocessed food option.

6. processed meats /hotdogs – packed with sodium and unhealthy who-knows-what. (J-DAWGS!!! – nooooo!!!)

7. frozen meals – just stay away from them! even low-fat ones are heavily processed and loaded with sodium and preservatives.

8. processed cheeses/dips – like cheez whiz – gross. don’t eat it.

9. french fries! – go for the homemade/baked ones

10. microwave popcorn = NOT your healthy snack alternative. trans fat and sodium! unless it’s plain/you add your own flavors or you carefully read the label first.

other things to note…

– avoid processed bacon. and be wary of how much bacon you eat when you do. (oh, i LOVE my bacon!)

blended coffee drinks – SO bad for you! i don’t have a problem with these. but someone who reads this might and should reconsider : )

high fructose corn syrup….

AGAVE NECTAR! who knew?! it’s supposedly the “healthy” all-natural sweetener. but it has the highest amount of fructose!

– artificial coloring, sodium nitrate/nitrite, MSG, and refined oils.….check your food labels for them = BAD FOR YOU!


i could eat like this and be WAY happy….

anyway… this is my resolve to eat better.

of course, we all deserve a treat now and again. but really…if you stick to healthy REAL foods…those are what become the “treats” and you don’t crave the other stuff. true story.

i talk like i’m profesh at this, and i’m not. but i know it happens. and i’ve learned to prefer the real stuff more. i just need to get better at it.


love, whit

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turning a quarter-of-a-century

for some, 25 may not seem old at all. in fact, i know many people dream of being that young again.

for me, it seems like just last month i was dreaming of turning 21 and how old i thought that was. then suddenly, i’m blowing out candles on a homemade pink lemonade cupcake and thinking… “twenty-five. where did the last four years go??”

my actual birthday weekend (the BiG day being may 20th) was far better than i could have imagined. i won’t lie – i was not thrilled for the date to roll around and had little intentions of making any plans. in my head, it’s just a reminder of how old i am and where i find myself in life. i never pictured it like this, for had you asked me at age 20, “where do you see yourself in five years?”, i had a different vision in mind.

though, for being a few weeks new in town, new faces and a few familiar ones made it a special day. especially chelsea – my blog bestie and now roommate. (check out her adorable cupcakes and set-up. homemade frosting too!)

however, what made my birthday not so dreary, was a surprise that came about a few days before….

i’m cooking some dinner for me and chels on thursday night, when the doorbell rings. standing there is my boyfriend’s best friend and fiance with beautiful flowers in a vase. a huge smile comes over my face as i’m thinking, “these must be from james!” (also given that they had their iphone out recording my reaction). as i’m gawking over my lovely arrangement, stephen remembers he forgot the stuffed animal in the car and left to retrieve it.

still gawking over my flowers, i hear them call me, “Whitney, come look!”…

completely and utterly shocked, i peek around the corner to see stephen carrying my stuffed animal…

…james flew all the way from Atlanta to surprise me for my birthday!

i had no idea. at all.

best. birthday surprise. OF   ALL   T I M E!

having him here to spend my weekend with was more than i could have ever wished for.

i have to say, i feel like the luckiest girl because james is practically perfect in every way.

happy birthday, to ME!




though, my birthday is over, and now i’m back to dwelling on my “quarter-of-a-century”. thinking about where i’ve been in my past and where i want to go in my future.

yesterday, i had an overwhelming epiphany regarding my divine potential and the person i could BE. my mind went crazy with goals and resolves of the kind of life i wanted and the things i wanted to spend my days doing. so much to do. so much to learn. so much to improve.

today, i feel an overwhelming wave of disappointment and self loathing because of the person i AM and my lack, or more – failure to ever reach my full potential. walking to church by myself this morning bundled up in freezing wind and hail when it’s only days until june (so messed up) really set the mood for a day that can’t seem to keep the tears from flowing.

it’s days like these when i’m glad to be in a place where nobody knows or notices me, but at the same time wishing i had familiar faces around.

i know come tomorrow, i’ll probably be feeling as good as new…but today, i hate twenty-five.




last night i put together this super fab arrangement of freshly cut roses from my friend’s bushes…

…and this morning i woke up to find the big ones completely dead/wilted and about half the others pathetically drooping. how appropriate.

i hope the sun comes out tomorrow.

love, whit

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Mail in March – i’ll be your penpal

i would venture to guess that most of society today knows the feeling of checking your email to only find lame SPAM. or even logging onto facebook and having no messages or notifications really worth getting excited over. ugh. i hate that too. BUT – you may also know the excitement of finding quality emails from friends or family. maybe even some pictures! or that day you log on to facebook and feel thrilled to see high numbers up in the left corner – the anticipation of clicking to see who wrote on your wall or left you a message. or in the blogging world, finding many comments left from your readers, your friends. let’s face it – people love that!!! we all like feeling loved – to know someone took a few minutes in their day to think of you. actually, in essence, i believe we live for it in a way. human interaction and communication. building and having friendships. relationships.

what am i getting at??!

facebook, blogging, and the internet ASIDE – let’s talk about the hand-written letter. this is something that warms my soul more than any other correspondence (other than face to face). THAT is something that makes my day. tangible, homemade, hand-written, personal – just the concept of the time it takes to send something of that nature – – – it speaks volumes. it is special. and, unfortunately in this day-in-age, it is unique and rare. but it doesn’t have to be! in fact, i wish it wasn’t.

i’ve always loved sending mail. i love crafting together cards, letters, and envelopes. i love preparing packages and send them with anticipation wondering about when it will arrive and if it will bring a smile to the face of the recipient. i enjoy sending because i absolutely LOVE receiving…and wish the world wouldn’t forget the value of such a simple thing.

my fellow blogger, Cassie, at Books and Bowel Movements (love her blog!) has inspired me to take on a challenge: A Month of Letters!

the challenge is to mail 31 letters. they will be hand-written, home-made, personal and all with the “whit touch”. (ohmygoodness who wouldn’t want one of those?!!?) i think it’d be rad if i had 31 different people to write to. old or NEW friends! SO…

here’s my offer, if you’d like to help me in my ambitions, for one of my envelopes or parcels to make it your mailbox, or simply to become my penpal- you can e-mail me your address! i love getting to know people better and forming new friendships…what better way than through mail?! i think it will be a beautiful experience. and very much something to look forward to when walking to the mailbox every day. i’ve been thinking something like this would be a fun idea ever since i saw a fellow blog friend do a Christmas Card swap with her readers (nicole and her precious puggle can be found here)

yes, some of you may be thinking it’s a bit sketchy to give your address away to me (especially if you don’t know me too well). but i assure you, i am no creep. i will not stalk you or sell your information. haha! you must know me somewhat anyhow if you are here perusing my blog. however, it is clearly your decision.

if you’d like to send me your address, do so at my email:    whitney[DOT]tutt[AT]gmail[DOT]com

march is here soon!!!

love, whit


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that time i tried to go on a diet


 HAVE YOU EVER GONE ON A DIET??? i haven’t. ever. i like eating way too much. i’m rather food obsessed actually, and i love cooking. especially since the invention of pinterest and my discovering what GREAT time wasters! though healthy eating is big for me, so it’s not like i’m overweight or anything. i have just never really been able to restrict myself from eating something i want. ha! i just make sure i exercise so i can…which is how it should be, right?

WELL…i decided to do this diet i found. it claims to make you lose 10 lbs in a week! dream come true! it seems healthy…fruits, veggies, that kind of thing: READ ABOUT IT HERE.

thus it happened: the non-dieting whitney went extra-fruit-and-veggie shopping, stocked the fridge, and decided to give it a go.

UGH is all i can say. disaster.

i am just NOT the diet type of person. the first day: all fruit, nothing else. i had a whole carton of strawberries..papaya…red grapefruit…grapes…and yet i felt so empty all day. just making endless trips to the bathroom. it was like i had nothing inside of me. ick. you know how in movies or commercials the food will start talking to people and calling their name – just INTICING you to eat them? OH EM GEE that happens! i can now say i’ve experienced it first hand. my dove chocolates and fruit snack stash at work were staring at me with their big Pixar puppy eyes. horrible feeling. so i ended up going home and eating myself a big bowl of cooked cabbage. yes, a healthy choice still. but it filled me up which is what i wanted. and… i ruined the “all fruit” day. whatever. not that bad of a cheat, right?

day two: a baked potato for breakfast (i was allowed one “pat” of butter…and i may or may not have exaggerated how big a “pat” is) and then only all veggies all day. let me tell you that baked potato tasted like a gift from the gods! i was feeling good. i steamed a mother load of fresh broccoli and cauliflower for lunch. and even had some zuchinni, cabbage ( i really like cabbage), mushrooms, and onions (all lightly cooked together, i’m so classy with my veggies)….but then i started to be just sick of it. and again…i was peeing like no other. everything i ate went straight through me. i was feeling empty and with no energy. who would’ve thunk such a “healthy diet” would do that? i attempted (yes, attempted. i always feel like a fool) yoga and then 3o mins at the gym….but felt like a weakling. NO energy. and empty. go figure, i went home and ate some carrots….with hummus! HA. yes, i dunked those carrots in that hummus…big scoops with no shame. i’m pretty sure protein is no-no for this stage in the diet….but i felt so sick without it. and…i was craving something with flavor. hummus is divine!

day three: TODAY. i’m realizing how bad i suck at following a diet. only fruits and veggies. not bad, thing is i woke up feeling nauseous. to the point where i could hardly stay standing. i was shaky and miserable and had to keep sitting down or laying on my bed in the process of trying to get ready for work. i ate some fruit in the car on my way to work, but i still felt like i had no energy and sick to my stomach. maybe people who diet all the time are used to this kind of thing?? i read about a model who would only eat an english muffin and water every day – half in the morning and half later in the day….but to me, it’s just not worth it (though i really didn’t think just fruits and veggies would do this to me – my mom seems to be fine and she’s doing it as well). anyway…i said forget this and drank one of my Odwalla vanilla protein shakes. good for energy. and i feel like a million bucks now! yes, it’s against my diet. oh. well. then after eating my container of fruit and a petite vinegar dressed salad for lunch (that’s all you’re ‘allowed’ on salads) – my goldfish that i keep at my desk were calling for me. cheddar blasted and pretzel mixed. who could resist! …so of course i had a handful …or so. then 3 or 4 (maybe 5) of my dark chocolate covered almonds made their way into my mouth too. let’s admite it, i’m SUCH a good dieter!

tonight was a girl’s friday night at the mall of georgia with Paige. shopping and a movie (This Means War – such a fantastic rom-com, i recommend it!)…and i may or may not have had some chick-fil-a chicken strips with a coke zero. the “zero” in coke zero means zero cals…just in case you didn’t know.

whatevs. i’m still continuing with the diet schedule and we’ll see what happens. i maintain i will still lose weight even with my cheating. diets are so stupid. besides…i’ll be at the gym tomorrow. and “only” eating bananas, milk, and some no-cal soup. gross, right? i know. but don’t worry, i have things under control…i still have some leftover wild blueberry white chocolate cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory in my fridge if i really need it.


1. i just might need this fantastic bathing suit (anthropologie)

2. i’m moving. to Utah. Provo specifically. in mid April. at my ripe old age, i’m embarking on the “get my degree” journey. i’ve mapped out my graduation plan and should be done in exactly two years. dear heavens i hope so. i’m in it to win it!

3. i’m very much looking forward to this change in scenery and daily activity. and even more stoked about living with my lovely Chelsea Vose! not to mention…being just minutes from so many other people that are on my favorites list that i rarely see because i’ve been so far away east coast bumming it for the last two years. (was that a run-on sentence? probs. whatevs.)

4. Waffle House gives me THE biggest stomach ache every time i go. but i never hesitate to go when an opportunity suggests it!

5. before being utah bound, i’m florida bound. for the beach, to be exact! YESSSS. talk about a much needed week vacay in early april. it’s Paige’s spring break, and there is just no better way to spend it.

6. maybe i’ll actually get a tan??? it’s been so long since my skin has been any shade darker than pale. ha. i used to work as a county lifeguard and swim instructor for a few years – in the sun EVERY DAY and i was still made fun of for being so white. i’ve learned to embrace my complexion. though, basking in the rays in still worth a shot. can’t wait.

7. this means my “beach bod” needs some work as well. since i’ve been home from Italy, my gym attendance is PATHETIC. where i used to go and stay at least an hour – often Zumba and then some miles on the treadmill….now i’m doing good to make once or twice a week and feeling done after 30 minutes – HA! so it’s time to get myself back in the swing of things. obvi. not to mention i’m going to get so skinny being on this diet 🙂

8. for the last FIVE years of my life, i’ve found myself in distance relationships. six and a half years total – because i attempted one in my early college years as well. why would i do that to myself??? i don’t know! it just always happens! it’s like i can’t find someone i’m interested in that actually lives in the same state. i got pretty used to the distance thing. but i am so over it now. i want nothing more than to find a decent boy – that makes me happy – that i can actually spend my weekends with. i’m hoping utah will do that for me. dream big, right? my previous wishing holds true.

love, whit

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