On Putting Marriage First

– In visiting the long neglected blog, I realized that I had this post here that I had failed to publish. I may have written it two months ago, but It was a good reminder of something we need to constantly work at. –

Growing up my mom always prepped me that “marriage is not easy, it is a lot of work.” Of course, I never thought too much of it when I could see my parents happily married and I wasn’t in that chapter of life yet. Then I got married, and I heard plenty of newly wed advice like, “have a date night once a week” and “make time to date your spouse” and “never go to bed angry.” Sure! I was now living with my best friend and we hung out all the time. Life was fun!


(^^ throwback to our engagement photos ^^)

Then real life settled in more. If you’re married, you might be smiling to yourself because you know what I’m talking about. Sure, there may be quirks you hadn’t noticed before or petty arguments about picking up after each other or who is hogging the bed. – Or perhaps your husband gifts you a really nice box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day and then eats it himself because you didn’t “eat it quick enough!” There can be nothing more devastating than going for that favorite piece you have been saving to find an empty box of crinkled paper. – I have since learned to hide my chocolate. But jokes aside, there can be really tough things to deal with. Adapting to a new second family and their way of doing things isn’t always easy, not to mention balancing time spent with each family. Finances can definitely put a strain on the newly wed bliss. And all of your decisions now affect not just yourself, but another person and your life together. It’s true, marriage is not easy.

What I have been dwelling on frequently is where James and I are at right now. We have two kids and are coming up on five years of marriage. It has been such an adventure so far! We have had some really low lows and also some incredibly great memories. But we are definitely at a stage in our marriage that is requiring the most work so far. When we decided to have children, we decided to not just share our hearts with each other, but with these beautiful little people. Hands down that has been an easy thing to do! However, it has also been easy to let those little people come first before our marriage.

Being a parent is absolutely a priority. They say that having children is like having your heart walking around outside of your body. I understand that completely! As a mother, I decided to quit my photo business because I wanted to give my baby and almost three year old more of me. Taking care of them and being there for them is my life. It can be too easy though to make my kids become more important than my marriage by letting them get more of me than James does.


(^^ our attempts at a family picture this year on Easter haha ^^)

James is in school full time right now and working full time. He is SO busy. I’m at home with our two babes, trying to keep up with their needs, our home and our yard. We also both have responsibilities at church and often commitments with other people and events. At the end of the day, we are both pooped. I will readily admit that our marriage has suffered. We get stuck on auto pilot. I deal with the kids, he has work and school. Our lives could easily stay very separate because there is lack of communication with each other – it’s so easy to feel frustrated and worn out. We don’t take time for each other to bond, connect, work things out and take care of one another’s needs when life is hectic – but that is when we need it the most. It causes distance and maybe even bitter feelings toward one another.

I know that James and I aren’t the only ones that face this struggle.

I think about this a lot lately because it is the biggest thing James and I are working to improve: that each other – our marriage – should come first before our kids, our jobs, our other family members, or hobbies. It can be a really hard thing to do! And it is a lot of work. A lot of communication. We have become so much more open with each other and know that we don’t want to be the empty-nesters facing retirement that are uncomfortable and scared about having to live life alone again with a spouse we have allowed ourself to become disconnected from because of years spent focused on work and children instead of each other. (longest sentence ever!)

I really don’t know what the purpose of this post was, just that this afternoon James and I had to revisit how and where we can fit time in for each other. A time each day where we know we push pause on everything else to reconnect and talk or just spend time together somehow uninterrupted. Every marriage needs and deserves that. It reminds me of a quote I love…

“If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don’t expose it to the elements. You don’t make it common or ordinary. If it ever becomes tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious as time goes by.”

― F. Burton Howard


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Loss and Gain

When I woke up this morning I did not plan to be writing a blog post. Although I had been anticipating this day – and feeling many emotions regarding it, I did not think I had anything to say. What do you say on the anniversary of a loss? It is certainly not the type of anniversary to “celebrate”. If anything, it is just a reminder of what happened a year ago today. We lost Grant. My dear, sweet, feisty nephew. It was awful. It was painful. He was only four. Reliving the memories of that day isn’t exactly something I want to do. And I am not even going to begin to pretend like I know what it’s like to lose my child and how the last year has been for June and Michael. Or any other parents that have lost their little one.

This morning I was pulling laundry out of the dryer to fold, and pulled out a shirt I have seen many, many times. The words on it read, “If Grant can do cancer, you can do this.” I immediately got very emotional. Grant may not be here physically, but he is still so very much a part of how I live my life. His journey has taught me – and should show all of us – to view things differently.


Perspective. If anything, I have gained an entirely different perspective on life from little Grant. His may have been far too short, but it left a large impact. Make the most of each day. Make the most of each relationship. It also gave me a new perspective on loss. On pain and suffering. On understanding a little better how to not just sympathize, but empathize with others. I may not always know the right words to say, but my heart has been opened more and feels deeper because of Grant.


Family. The day Grant passed away, we found out we were pregnant with Ruby. Very bittersweet, but Grant taught me to see my children and family differently. To cherish every moment. To spend more quality time together as a family. To love my husband more deeply. You never know when things can change or when you may no longer have them. Life passes too quickly. Cherish relationships and cherish family. Over this last year, it has be so hard to look at Jude and not think of Grant. He is two, the same age Grant was when he was diagnosed. They also have so many similar personality traits and interests – I swear they are kindred spirits! I would have loved to see them grow up together. Jude even just started pointing using his middle finger – the same thing Grant always did that made us laugh. These things that make me think of Grant remind me to hug a little tighter, read more bedtime stories together, get on the floor and play more, and make the most of the present. Not just with my kids, but to soak up more time with James too. Life is just far too short.



^ Grant and Baby Jude  ^


Strength. Again, if Grant can do cancer, you can do this. I still remember walking down the halls in the cancer wing of Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and just losing it when I passed room after room and bed after bed holding the tiniest of bodies. Little children, babies even, in pain and fighting for their lives. Grant is my hero.


But, for me, when I think of Grant’s journey and what it has taught me about strength. I think of mostly of June – and in no way am I overlooking Michael, but as a mother and female, that is who I relate to. When I think about today, as sad as it is for me already – I think about a mother’s love. About a mother’s pain and suffering when it comes to her children. And my heart aches for June and what those two+ years in the hospital were like and what this last year without her baby has been like. I have indeed been blessed by her strength and her faith. No doubt there are many dark moments behind closed doors, but I am in awe of how she has handled everything and I hope she knows how inspiring she has been to me and I am sure to many others. She is a rock. She reminds me that if she can do the last difficult four years of heartache, I can do whatever cards life deals me as well.



Faith & Hope. Lastly, Grant’s journey strengthened my faith. My faith in people that reach out, love, serve, and support in times of need. And my faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ. That because of Him, families can be together again. We will see Grant again. I know that. That hope makes the current burden of physical loss easier to bear.


So today, when I didn’t think I had anything to say, I am grateful I came across that shirt in the laundry. I am grateful that it made me reflect on the many things gained out of a painful and still ever present loss. I am grateful for the happy memories – for his smile and cute little voice. That so much about Jude reminds of Grant in ways that make me smile. I am grateful that, in hard times, Grant has given me more hope and strength to know that – I can do this.


Many hugs and prayers for peace going out to family today – And to those who are in the cancer battle or dealing with loss. xoxo

Past posts from Grant’s diagnosis and journey: Grace For Grant and Life During Chemo

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The Two Kid Adjustment


I feel like we have spent a lot of this winter sick. Between croup, ear infections, and colds we have also spent a lot of time cooped up in the house. It doesn’t help that with a new baby #2, I also don’t feel very brave to go out in public juggling a newborn and a toddler. I am getting better at that.Getting out the door takes so long. SO long! Even when I try to plan ahead, we are still running late. Always. Trying to get Ruby into the Ergo carrier by myself in a public parking lot is also not something I want to tackle (with that newborn insert it is complicated – or my arms aren’t long enough for the back buckle), so I just make sure that if I have to go out – I go places that have carts large enough to accommodate the carseat and Jude + groceries. So that narrows it down to Costco and the big car cart at Publix that Jude loves pretending to drive. And it helps out our budget when I go to Target because Jude and Ruby take up basically the entire cart and I can’t buy as much.

There was one Saturday that I convinced James to stop by Target really quick – we were on our way home from getting breakfast with the kids – so I could get diapers and such while they waited in the car. And I may or may not have kept them waiting an entire hour. Ooops! I didn’t have the kids, you know, and I was trying to “quickly browse”. I was judging my time off of whether or not James would text asking if I was done yet…which he never did. An hour in Target flies by so fast, I swear! And James has learned that there is no such thing as a quick Target run. Even if he is waiting in the car.






Having two children is a definite adjustment; however, I can’t decide if life is difficult right now because we have two kids or because Jude is a firecracker of a toddler. Either way, my hands are full. I tried the potty training thing with Jude – which was a complete success after a couple of days – and then it was a complete failure. More on that some other time, but the kid is in diapers (per his request) until I have the mental and emotional capacity to tackle that again. He is only two and a half though.




Life is crazy right now. James is super busy with his last semester of school and still working full time. He gets home late and leaves early. I am losing my mind most days, but that is just motherhood in general. We are looking forward to Spring + graduation like you wouldn’t believe. Until then, we anticipate our weekends and pack them with as much family time and “rest” as possible.




Also, some of my FAVORITE bows for Ruby + bowties for Jude: NavyLaneHandmade

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Ruby Gossling


Our family was blessed with a sweet new little love – Ruby Lavinia Gossling – on November 27th 2016. (She was named after my Great Grandmother – Lucy Lavinia – We get a lot of questions about that middle name)



Sometimes we refer to her as Ruby Sunday because she was born on a Sunday instead of the Monday we had her scheduled for. Ruby was a repeat c-section and we had it all planned for the 28th of November – two days before her actual due date. Jude was six days late, so we figured that our scheduled delivery would work out well. But the little girl just could not wait another day, and Sunday morning it was.




Contractions hit me – like they usual do – in the middle of the night about 3:30am. Luckily, since I already had a scheduled repeat c-section for the following day, it was not as long of a wait to head to the hospital. I really was hoping to avoid the whole contractions bit of delivery, but at least it only lasted about 4 hours before I was in the OR and numb.




Everything went well enough. I was nervous (surgery does that to most people I think). I remember the first thing that the doctor mentioned was that Ruby had plenty of hair and was a chubby little thing. 7:55am – 8lb 8oz. She was beautiful and I was in love.



James snagged all the first photos in the OR on my phone since I was numb and strapped to the operating table. One downside to c-sections. But I am okay with knowing that each of our babies get their first hour in the world snuggled with their daddy.



Ruby is the sweetest little thing. She slept wonderfully from the beginning, nursed well, and cried only when she had to be unswaddled and changed. Or when she spit up – which was frequent those first couple of days. The poor thing had a lot of amniotic fluid coming up and lost about one pound pretty quick.


(^^Meemaw Tutt & Grandma Goose^^)

We were fortunate to have my mom fly in from Arizona the day after Thanksgiving, and Ruby was born two days later. She brought Jude to the hospital that first day. I was anxious to see how he would react to the baby, and he loved her from the beginning. He asks, “hold?” often and is constantly covering her with kisses and hugs. He calls her, “Beb- bee!”


Jude and Daddy

Jude’s delivery left me super sore and I was hardly getting up and moving for a week. This time around, I forced myself to get up out of bed on my own and move. I mean, it may have taken me a couple minutes to lift myself out of bed and I walked around at a glacial pace, but I was moving! They always told me that the more you move, the easier the surgery recovery would be. So true! Granted, I did not labor naturally for 16 hours before the c-section like I did with Jude. My body and muscles were so worn out from that day.



This time around we actually were discharged from the hospital after 48 hours! We could have stayed for four if we really wanted, but we were ready to get the heck outta dodge and be home with Jude.



Below is a photo of her from the hospital right before we left. I swear her face looks so chubby straight on!…


I can hardly imagine life without our little Rubes. She is so perfect to me in every way.


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Jude’s 2nd Birthday


Our dear little Jude Boy turned two in August. Here I am barely posting about it…in late September. Pregnancy has been rough. Little gets done and most days are focused on Jude + trying to survive his energy and meltdowns while my energy continues to decrease. It is no secret that I am not a fan of pregnancy – the emotions, constant discomfort, pain and exhaustion are real, folks! But, at 30 weeks now, I am trying to see the light at the end of the tunnel haha!



Back to Jude!

He is a very sweet boy and a light to our days. I am constantly entertained by his quirks and exploding personality. Though he is a chatterbox, his speech is delayed and most of it is indecipherable. His facial expressions and hand motions while talking make it that much better! He does know a fair amount of words – I am MA and James is DAD. Most often some of his other daily words include: STOP, NO, SHOES, SOCKS, TOES, HAT, PLEASE, TRASH, NOSE, UH OH, HOT, OH NO, & WOW. He is in an interesting phase of calling a lot of thing by their sound instead of their name. Cars and trucks are “Brr brrr’s” – trains (which he is obsessed with) are “Toot too’s” – Cows are “Moos” – Horses “Nay nays” – and other sounds for Ducks and Pigs. There are a lot of other words I am starting to distinguish amongst the jibberish too, but right now I am not going to rack my brain for them all. The good thing, is that he comprehends pretty much everything we tell him. James especially loves requesting that Jude bring him the remote or throw things in the trash for him. Ha!




At age two, Jude has his favorite things. Some being:

Trains!, Kitties, Cars/Trucks, Horses, Cows, Creatures that Roar. (thus the cake decor)

He prefers watching Curious George, Thomas & Friends, and Shrek. Lately, he has a new love for Frozen and Beauty and the Beast. I find it a little funny that he especially gets into the kissing scenes at the end. He makes the smooch noise and comes and lays his head on my shoulder, cups my face, and says AWWWW. Hopefully it is not something we need to be concerned with in the future. After all, his daddy IS a romantic.



(dancing ^^^)

As any boy would, Jude loves being outside. Going on walks, four wheeler rides, and trying to help out when we are working. Poor thing does not get as many walks or outside time as before right now though – the heat has this pregnant mama staying inside as much as possible. I can hardly run after him anymore anyway.





Jude LOVES swimming and the water. He is fearless. We have to keep an eye on him because he will let himself go under – doing his vertical bicycle kicking in place. He can hold his breath for a few seconds, but needs work. We never put a puddle jumper on him so that he has to learn to swim. I think next summer he will have it down!


Jude’s birthday fell on a Saturday this year, so we just had a low key day of swimming and grilling out. Grandma and Grandpa came as well as our good friends, the Oldroyd’s (basically Jude’s adopted aunt and uncle) and then our next-door cousins came over a little later. Maybe when Jude is older and comprehends his birthday, we will make a bigger deal about it. He had fun on his day – and that was all that mattered!


Processed with VSCO with q1 preset

Apart from other fun new cars and light-up tractor, Jude got some cool train toys which are, of course, his latest obsession. And a fun new wind-up train book (from my Usborne obsession lol). We gifted him his book the following day though. He was overloaded with cool things on Saturday.




The night ended with a trip to Stone Mountain for the laser show. He loves the lights, fireworks, and music. He dances and jumps around the whole time! Most of the family joined us for it, so it was a fun, family-filled day.


I have to document the cake because – as James knows best – I am no baker. Other than cookies, I ruin everything. Baking from scratch is something I just cannot perfect. It did not help that the day before, I watched an episode of Master Chef where the challenge was to make a perfect three layered birthday cake. The critiquing of those cakes left me feeling the pressure! However, with a phone call to my sister for some advice – I was proud of myself and this birthday cake. The homemade funfetti icing turned out amazing too!


Jude turns two

So here is to Jude – our little two year old. We love him so! I love that I get to spend my days with him (even though motherhood can be tiring work) and I cannot wait to see him as a big brother.



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Gossling 4th of July | 2016


I probably only spent about 10 minutes snapping a handful of pictures this 4th of July. We had a full house/yard this year! It was a day filled with family, friends, food, and lot and lots of fireworks. We had some people hanging out to swim and eat in the afternoon, but by the time dusk rolled around – the backyard and driveway were packed…literally. Most of the neighbors and more friends had come to join in on the firework fun. I swear every 4th of July and New Years, the Gossling boys make their firework show bigger and bigger. This year definitely did not disappoint and was, by far, the biggest and longest show yet! It is also super fun to be able to just sit poolside and watch the show up over us – the boys set them off in the riding arena behind the pool. With some good all-american jams playing while the fireworks rolled on, it was definitely a wonderful way to celebrate the great U. S. of A!

Though I may be short on photos – our good friend, Paul, brought his drone and made a pretty sweet short film of the day + some of the fireworks! He is super talented. Watch below! . . .




Little Hudson and Charlotte both turn one in a couple of weeks. Exactly one year younger than Jude. No doubt, these cousins will grow up being great friends.




My sister, Dacy, and her family were able to come down from Virginia and join us. Unfortunately, another sister of mine had to head out back home to Orlando that morning with her kids. But it was fun having a full house most of the weekend with them there.




Jude is our little pool lover. He is constantly jumping and splashing. If we don’t keep our eye on him, he would be going for the plunge alone.

But with so much going on, he doesn’t like posing for pictures for me anymore :/









One of James’ best buddies growing up, Stephen, him and his wife, Teresa, had their first little girl a few months ago. Lila is SO precious!



^^ Lighting off fountains, sparklers, and some smaller fireworks for the kids before the big show. ^^

Sorry, I didn’t take any actual firework pictures this year. Jude is at an age that needs constant attention, so photo time does happen as often. Again, for the better firework coverage, watch Paul’s awesome video up above in the post.

And a couple phone shots:




(sideways, but I am too lazy to go flip it. love little kid crack!)

And a throwback to last year’s 4th party, which I never did blog…Jude was turning one and still had zero teeth! It was such a cute stage…

4th of July

And if you would like another throwback, see our Gossling Family 4th of July 2014 blog post.



Before my sister left town, she suggested we recreate a photo from 2014 when they were here to visit. Jude was just a month or so old. This time he did not sit still as well. . .





Happy Summer!



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Happy 2016

So this is the New Year. 2016.

I successfully drank more soda in 2015 than in any other given year of my life. That is noteworthy for sure. I directly blame early morning seminary and my need to not be a total zombie and perhaps pretend to have a desire to keep up with photo editing and our laundry.

Jokes aside, 2015 was a good year. It was busy. Ups and downs were inevitable, but we grew and learned. We laughed and played. We stressed. We got overwhelmed. We traveled. We ate. We enjoyed. We worked. Overall – I believe we became better people from 2015. I am speaking for myself, but I think James would agree that he is right there with me.



I think what makes 2015 so special to me is because it was our first full calendar year as parents. There is nothing more fulfilling and tiring than being a mom. And I love it. This past year I have definitely learned more patience (though I am still imperfect at this) and more selflessness (also, still needing a lot of work in this area) – – As a mom (and wife), life cannot be all about me. I often found myself very frustrated with everything I had on my plate: responsibilities, endless to-do’s, and worldy pressures to live up to. Looking back at the year, parenthood [and doing it well!] has me aiming for one main goal in 2016. Simplify.




Nothing means more to me than my husband and this little dude. Teaching early morning seminary has me reflecting over and over again on God’s plan for us. It is all about family. We are here to learn and grow and one day make it back to our Heavenly Father. Family is central to that plan. Not only are we all part of God’s family, but if anything is going to teach me to be more Christlike and become more of the person God wants me to be…it’s being a wife and mother. Nothing is more trying and more rewarding – or more shaping.

So for my 2016 resolutions, I am only going to resolve to do one thing. Simplify. My mother’s coined phrase growing up was “less is more”. And when it comes to what I would like in my life right now, that hits the nail on the head. I will learn to say “no” more often so that I can be less stressed. I want to be the less cranky wife my husband deserves and the more present mother my kid needs. I want to focus more on what matters most.

I think if we all take a moment to filter through our life, we can sieve out a lot of unnecessary things that, in the end, will not be as important as we are making them out to be. Where is our time really going?


To wrap up my New Year post, this verse has hit home to me as a perfect focus for my start on simplifying,

“But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9



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Jude – First Birthday

Yep! Jude is about to be 15 months old – and I am finally deciding to post some pictures from his first birthday. I guess that just shows that motherhood + life keeps me busy, right?

whitney gossling


whitney gossling

His birthday was kept simple. He turned ONE, so he isn’t exactly going to care if he gets a big party with lots of presents or not. We got him a big gourmet cupcake and invited the grandparents over to watch him eat it with us. Is that a crazy celebration or what?

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

He wasn’t a fan of his cute birthday hat at first, but I finally got a couple pictures with him wearing it. Thank you, Dainty Couture!

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

It took a while to get much of a reaction from Jude. He just ate it – calm and collected. Eventually we did get some smiles and jibberish.

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

Dainty Couture makes the most adorable personalized birthday hats!

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

whitney gossling

At age one – Jude is very much like his daddy. He loves cars and outside! He understands what shoes mean and eagerly sits in my lap to get them on and then goes straight for the four wheeler or our horse. He cries when I bring him in from outside. He has no fear of animals, which can be good and bad. He makes car noises with his mouth while playing with his hotwheels. He is at the stage of getting into everything – pulling everything out of drawers and cupboards and putting it back in (in the wrong places of course!). Bathtime is always his favorite – or he has been known to walk into our showers and join us. He hates if I do not pay full attention to him if I am on my phone or ipad planning seminary lessons. I have to be PLAYING with him on the floor. He loves his blocks, books, and sitting in laps. The funny thing is – he turns around way ahead of time and backs into laps. Very cute! He is a sweetie – loves people and giving kisses. Every trip to the store, he makes friends because he has to smile and wave at literally everybody. He definitely has a funny personality and we adore everything about our little Judester.


That Girl Whit | Whitney Gossling


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Happy Mother’s Day

mother's Day


Today is Mother’s Day and I am feeling especially blessed. I have an amazing mother whom I love dearly. Now that I am older with a family of my own, I see her in myself every day. I hope to become more of the selfless, God loving, and hardworking woman that she is. I love that her love for God, family, the arts, gardening, and cleaning have been reflected into my life now. Some of those things might seem funny (mainly the cleaning part), but that’s what I think of when my mother comes to mind. And now they have become part of me as well. I thank you, Mom, for teaching me so much through how you choose to live. xoxo!

mother's day

Not only have I been so lucky to find, fall in love with, and marry the most amazing man ever (who compliments me in every way) but now I understand the love and role of being a mother. And I don’t think my life could get any better! Isn’t this what happiness is about anyway? In the words of the apostle, L Tom Perry, from this last April’s General Conference:

“The older I get, the more I realize the family is the center of life. It is the key to eternal happiness.”

So true. So very very true.

Thank you, Mom. Thank you, James. And thank you, little Jude for making my life so wonderful!




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James turns 25

I have not been a very good “journaler” (is that a word?) since a baby came into our life. Which, I will have a post coming soon dedicated specifically to our little dude. We love him so! Though sweet Jude is already 4months old. Time flies! And I have months of events to catch up on. I assume I will start with the most recent before it becomes old news.

This last Friday was my James’ birthday. He turned a quarter-of-a-century!


I wanted to make it a special day for him because he has been super busy the last few months. He has made me one lucky and blessed wife being a husband as hard working as he is. …Going to school full time, working full time, and trying to start up a business on the side. Not to mention the time it takes being a parent now. Oh, and there are ALWAYS projects around here- with the animals, the land, or the house. He puts in many late hours on all of the above. How he functions on such little sleep blows my mind. Physically, I cannot do what he does. I would be a mess with his schedule – which is one reason I feel so lucky. James is amazing.


I was sure to have some of James’ favorites to eat: filet mignon (any excuse to eat good – I’m all for!), shrimp cocktail, smoked gouda & brie with crackers (we are both obsessed with “cheese platters”) were some of the specialties I had. Usually James is easy and loves his favorite chocolate pudding pie for his birthday. This year, I decided to be fancy and make my first cake from scratch. I opted for a layered caramel cake. It started off great….but when it came to layering and frosting that bad boy… I am not shamed to admit that it may have been a bit of a disaster and took much longer than I thought. Regardless, it came out good. We just have a lot of cake leftover now because neither of us are big “cake” people. Turns out homemade caramel frosting is SUPPPERRR rich too.

Thankfully, our rad neighbors were up for coming over to help celebrate and eat cake! Having family next-door is a wonderful thing. The kids helped me “craft” some birthday decorations and cards earlier in the week as well. What a blessing that they have all been home together for the last couple weeks with a spunky little Grant & were able to come over. James and I also enjoyed getting to babysit them one night last week. Family time is so precious. June & Grant were back in the hospital the very next day – so it’s the little tender mercies of timing that are such blessings.



I’ve already blabbed about him some, but I just feel so mushy gushy about James! He has been the sweetest husband to me – SO thoughtful and always full of surprises. Even though he may not think so, he is very patient with me because let’s be real – I can be a little cray-cray and emotional sometimes. But just SOMEtimes 😉

Now that I’ve seen James as a dad – It has been reconfirmed that he is the best thing that has ever happened to me (with a very close second being our sweet baby boy). My heart melts when I watch my two boys together. Of course, now some adorable pictures are to follow…



….I have WAAAY too many daddy-son pictures. I’ll keep it at that for now. 🙂

And… just a throw back to the adorable boy I married…



Whitney + James Engagement from BP. Film & Photo on Vimeo.

Much love to my beloved husband and the happiest of birthdays!



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