Bucket List

Everyone should create a bucket list & mine is in no particular order…

1. snorkel (i lived in FL as a child and was such a wuss then i never did it)  HAWAII at Turtle Cove for our 3rd Anniversary 10/2015 and our backs got so sunburnt!

2. learn to dance salsa DONE 9/2010

3. dye my hair red DONE 4/2011

4. get married to my best friend in the LDS Temple SO IN LOVE 9/29/2012!!! ATL, GA

5. get a kitty JANUARY 5, 2013! adopted sweet little Kitty

6. ride in a yellow taxi cab DONE! in Italy 1/2012

7. try a snow sport Snowboarding & Skiing 3/2013 – Canyons & Targhee

8. go to savannah, georgia  DONE 5/2013

9. buy my own car the Passat TDI! Our Christmas present to ourselves in 2013

10. have a pet bird Summer 2014 – we got chickens! totally counts.

11. learn how/make real horchata DONE! 7/2010

12. go to Harry Potter World at Universal Studios! DONE! 10/2010 & again with husband 2/2016! both parks

13. get a pedicure My mother-in-law bought me one for my wedding! 9/28/12

14. get a legit massage at a spaHusband signed me up in my early first trimester Jan 2014 – have had many since!

15. be a mom August 6th, 2014. Jude Mehren Gossling. My heart.

16. fly in a helicopter HAWAII 9/2015 – Surprise plans by James on our 3rd anniversary

17. ride on a ferris wheel DONE 8/13/2011

18. attend general conferencein SLC DONE April 2013!

19. own a mac  MacBook Air for my 25 2/3 birthday! Thanks, husband! 1/17/2013

20. swim in the colorado river (i stepped in it June 2012!)

21. eat a hot dog off the streets of nyc

22. master homemade bread

23. milk a cow

24. go sailing

25. make a quilt

26. bake a fruit pie from scratch with the pretty decorative crust

27. go on a cruise

28. be my own boss gave up the office & corporate america in March 2014

29. successfully grow MY OWN garden …i do not believe summer 2015 was a SUCCESS. Next summer though! Summer 2016! Tomatoes galore!

30. do humanitarian work abroad

31. run the Peachtree Road Race

32. complete a 5K (i’ve never done any race before. ever)

33. go para-sailing

34. go rock climbing (this would probably terrify me)

35. sell a piece of my original artwork

36. learn/try to surf – notice i said “try”

37. learn to play tennis

38. take horseback riding lessons

39. volunteer at a soup kitchen

40. eat at Serendipity in NYC

41. learn/make my own tamales (i’ve helped enough, never done it by myself though)

42. stay up on water skis for more than 8 seconds

43. meet a celebrity. not sure who. but someone well-known.

44. hot air balloon adventure, maybe?

45. tube the Hooch (still never done it)

56. have my own studio/office – aka: a room in my house JUST for my projects.

57. try my hand at fancy scripty calligraphy

58. be a home owner BOUGHT 2013

59. learn italian (it’s close enough to spanish, if i studied it, i’d catch on)

60. master a classic piece on the piano

61. re-purpose a piece of old furniture

62. cook every recipe in a cookbook.

63. baby goat. I want one.

64. also, a miniature donkey. beacause…hello! adorable.

65. enjoy a mexico summer with my husband & kids like I used to

66. have a booth at the Farmer’s Market one summer

67. be a grandmother

68. serve a mission with my husband


1. return to Puerto Rico where I served my mission

2. vacation in Barbados where I served part of my mission

3. ride a gondola in Italy and see the art DONE! 1/2012!

4. return to Florence, Italy with my husband

5. go on a girls’ trip with my mom and sisters

6. see california – touch the pacific oceanTGIVING 2012 – Chino Hills/West Covina/Lake Arrowhead

7. visit the MOMA and MET art museums in NYC

8. Boston

9. go to DC: Smithsonian / Washington DC LDS Temple

10. see Scotland – Edinburgh?

11. Maine. Those lighthouses!

12. visit Palmyra – church history sites

13. Hawaii September 2015 – 3rd Anniversary on Oahu!

14. Charelston, SC DONE – for my birthday May 2013!

15. visit Seattle – whale watching maybe?!   Easter 2013

16. visit Portland. i’ve been told i’d love it.   4/2013

17. Greece

18. Jerusalem

19. Ireland

20. Egypt. visit King Tut’s tomb!

21. eat crepes in Paris (does Paris in Vegas count?!! I have done that)

22. Machu Picchu in Peru

23. SPAIN! oh, spain.

24. walk on the Great Wall of China

25. San Francisco. Gotta have that photo with the Golden Gate Bridge

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