Baby Conrad

When I helped my parents move to AZ, I got to meet my newest nephew for the first time! He is SUCH a pretty baby & sooo easy! The kid only fusses if he’s hungry…or if you leave him sitting in his stink. Obviously.

I have a load of photos of him… here are a few from a couple mornings.

Meet Conrad!

2013-06-27_00012013-06-27_00192013-06-27_0023 2013-06-27_0022 2013-06-27_0020 2013-06-27_0018 2013-06-27_00172013-06-27_00022013-06-27_00032013-06-27_00042013-06-27_00052013-06-27_0006Even second-cousin, Oscar,Β  loves Conrad! (And is equally adorable!) …He was captivated by my mom’s Il Divo dvd playing.


2013-05-06_0001 2013-05-06_0006

2013-05-06_0003 2013-05-06_00072013-05-06_0002


So sad that they live all the way in AZ : (

James will be thrilled with our visits there : )

love, whit

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  1. Lovely pics! I love the way Oscar looks at you when you’re clicking the pic. That half-shy, half-curious look. It’s beautiful. Conrad is totally adorable!

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