Andres + Karissa …the Utah Wedding chapter


Meet Andres and Karissa Lazarte!

These two have a very special place in mine and James’ heart. James met Andres on his mission in Argentina. They lived together for 4.5 months and have been as close as brothers ever since. I heard stories about Andres before I ever met him & it didn’t take long for me to love him too. In fact, the first night I met him, (apart from learning that he cannot parallel park a vehicle) I was already thinking of which of my single lady friends I could set him up with. Andres is the nicest guy, genuine, funny, fun, a little hipster – but good looking! (LOL πŸ˜‰ ) And once you meet his family – you understand why he’s such a good egg! In no time, the Lazarte’s had adopted James and I as their own. Needless to say – we love these people. Andres would third wheel with James and I often…. more like I would third wheel with them. He came with us when we adopted Kitty. He house sat for us a couple times. He flew to Georgia to be in our wedding. He even wore suspenders for it! He is a solid friend.

SO – – -long story short. Even though nothing ever worked out with my friends – I was very excited when I heard him tell us about Karissa. Karissa was a missionary he also met in Argentina. Right as Andres was on his way home – Karissa was new in the mission. Their meeting was brief, but they became regular pen pals after. I don’t want to tell THE WHOLE STORY because you should totally watch their adorable engagement video — made by the one and only BP Film:

Andres + Karissa :: Couple’s Story from BP. Film on Vimeo.

Letter writing quickly turned into dating once she got back home to Utah. Andres could not stop talking about how great she was and that he really liked her! James and I were pumped – – – not only because they had their first date in our apartment (Andres house sat for us watching Kitty while we were out of town) – – – but there were some true sparks it seemed!

We met Karissa on a double date to the Nickelmania (super Utah, i know). And I loved her right away … it was a perfect fit! Karissa is beautiful, SO sweet, SO happy, and just a delightful person to be around. They were adorable together. She seemed to be just as excited about him as he was her. Needless to say… I was not surprised when talk of ring shopping was in the air months later.

James & I did not want to miss this union – – – Luckily, I passed well enough to be their photographer & James got to be a groomsman. And, basically, it was a perfectly happy weekend…







The afternoon of August 24th 2013 coming out of the Salt Lake City Temple…Β  I may or may not have shed joyous tears multiple times throughout the day.












So, Andres & Karissa… here’s to you! And a very very happy marriage together. For time and all eternity. : )

I love you dearly,




It was nice to be in Utah again for a few days.


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