a post for today…

…the needed mentality.

…loving this photo.

…in the mood to watch Amelie.

…tickled about my new bedding!

…done and done.

love, whit

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  1. Loving your post:) I have 2 sets of grandparents who celebrated 60+ years of marriage and my parents and in-laws are 40+ years of marriage – I so want that in my marriage (almost 8 years of marriage now and have know each other for almost 13 years). Have a Great Day – Happy Spring!!!!

  2. Ok number one… So excited to see your bedding too! the boxes are sitting in my hallway and there are so tempting haha

    Second… Sorry I havent looked and read your blog in ages! Lets blog together

    1. only a week and a HALF!!! ….it’s coming so soon! i’m super antsy to get out there…we will have a blast. and no worries…i’ve been neglecting my blog lately. life gets busy! we will have plenty of time to catch up…and blog…when i get out there! eeeks!!!!!

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